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Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Liberal Pseudo intellectuals should hang their heads in shame!

Liberals should hang their heads in shame! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Haynes

shame_120_x_120The shocking and disgusting scenes of rioting, looting, violence, lawlessness and criminality of the past few nights we have all witnessed in British Cities has one root cause. That root cause is the warped Liberal Establishment, Cultural Marxism and the liberal society they have created.

I turned on the television set this morning only to see several liberal politicians, such as the Labour leader Ed Milliband, and laughingly the expenses crook, former Labour minister Hazel Blears, and of course the Prime Minister, just call me Dave hug a hoodie Cameron himself, all sermonising about the disgusting behaviour of the criminals responsible for the riots and looting, and promising tough action, belatedly against the offenders.

It then struck me the hypocrisy and damn right cheek of these expenses cheats and cheerleaders of the ’Liberal society’, who were all part of a liberal, Marxist establishment responsible for the creation of such an underclass of feral, out of control youth in the first place. Gobsmacked is how I felt!

You see these young and certainly in the first instances, mainly black rioters are composed mainly of aggressive, nihilistic, low intellect, zombies, and are highly representative of the term ’Broken Britain’. They are products of a diseased culture where a poisonous cocktail of contributory factors such as multinational corporations, the mainstream media and the entertainment industry brainwashing them to aspire to lifestyles they can never have.

The dumbing down of education, obsessive promotion by the media of celebrity culture, and decades of sustained Marxist attacks on established moral values of right and wrong, family, community, respect for one self, other people and, authority, coupled with the use of the Frankfurt school’s critical theory which has been used to constantly attack western institutions, undermining our christian civilization, and then disastrously imposing unfettered Mass Immigration and enforced multiculturalism onto our country, has shattered our once peaceful, cohesive society. This is the dream of the cultural Marxists coming to fruition, the breakdown of our society, all part of their plan for a New World Order out of chaos!

The Marxist doctrine of Political Correctness enforced on us to stifle our free-speech, was responsible for the decidedly weak, and muted response of the police to the original Tottenham riot, where they treated gangs of marauding black youths, burning, rioting and looting with kid gloves. At first standing back, hesitant and seemingly more worried about accusations of racism, heavy-handedness or Human Rights abuses than dealing forcefully and aggressively with the feral, rioting vermin.

The nettle has never been grasped of the problem of gangs, especially black gangs in inner city areas, such as in London where they commit much gun crime, knife crime and muggings. This has never been dealt with properly by the police or the authorities.

Thugs and violent criminals in general receive pathetic short sentences, cushy prisons to serve them in, and are soon back on the streets to commit more mayhem. The Justice secretary Ken Clarke recently wanted to reduce sentencing even further by 50% for many crimes including rape before being forced into an embarrassing u-turn, which ably demonstrates the sick mentality of the diseased liberal mind!

The ordinary copper one feels sorry for, because their career could be on the line if they make the wrong move, with watching Diversity & Equality commissars looking over their shoulder all the time, which must be hard if you have a mortgage and family to provide for, but the Liberal politicians and media, Race/Equality industry apparatchiks, and their fellow travellers the morons of the Far-Left one can only have utter contempt for!

The development of vigilante gangs - Sikhs guarding their Temple, Muslims guarding their so-called areas, Turks guarding their businesses, and English whites guarding their streets from marauding gangs of mainly black rioters could be a worrying sign of things to come, various ethnic/religious tribes vying for supremacy.

If the police and establishment can’t maintain law & order, I see a lot of trouble ahead. The multicultural dystopia the liberal establishment and Far-left Marxists wanted is here.

Liberalism and Marxism are the enemy of the people, they have used their evil tools of political correctness, cultural Marxism, Mass Immigration, and Multiculturalism to try and divide and destroy our country, only the common-sense policies of Nationalism can save this country from the Abyss of destruction!