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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Immigration, You Know Its Gone Too Far When

You Know Its Gone Too Far When . . .

….Even the immigrants are complaining that there’s too much immigration.

The following is quoted from an article on Reuters, relating to the riots which have torn several cities in Britain apart, and which have removed the rose tinted spectacles with which many regarded mass immigration forever:

Jay Dattani, an Asian from Tanzania, came to Britain nearly 40 years ago and runs Dalston Stationery across the road from Essuman’s taxi stand. He said London still offers the chance to make an honest living that first attracted him to the city. He kept his shop open during the riots.

“Let them come. I have weapons in the back. I can look after myself,” he said. But like many Londoners, native and foreign-born alike, he pines for simpler times.

“It was easier in the early days. It’s getting out of hand now” he said. “Too many foreigners, isn’t it. Just taking all the jobs. Taking advantage of the system.”

Try being indigenous British Mr Dattani, that statement would have drawn cries of racism from all corners, despite the fact that it is entirely true and – hysteria and accusation aside – even the most fervent supporter of mass immigration would have trouble providing a coherent argument against it.

We were told that some immigration would be good for us, that immigration would improve our society, that immigrants would integrate.

Some did, but then the influx of immigrants became so great that it was us left expected to integrate with them, immigration instead became colonisation. We became the strangers in our own land, the ones on the outside.

Even if it were possible to begin with, any form of integration that the social engineers old us upon ceased to be possible when those who were supposed to integrate exceeded the number of people they were supposed to integrate with.

Look at areas of London, there is no integration possible. Immigrants outnumber the indigenous. Instead you get isolation, separation, a cherry picking of which British things – e.g. the welfare system – immigrant groups will accept and make their own, and those which they’ll reject.

A society cannot tolerate immigration on a huge scale – look how well that worked out for many indigenous peoples across the world. After a point immigration becomes invasion, the indigenous become the alien presence, forced to surrender their identity to the coloniser or perish.

Even if we can accept that, at times in a nation’s existence, immigration is beneficial, Britain has gone too far – instead immigration and diversity has become something which is considered always to be beneficial and enriching, with no reference made to its impact upon the host society or the existing population.

You really know we’ve crossed that line big time when the immigrants themselves are waking up to how much of a mess it is causing.