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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Who the on Earth are The Shomrim?

Who the bloody hell are The Shomrim? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow

shorim1_120_x_90I really do not want to write this article and I warn the Jew Lovers/Jew Loathers to choose their words with care when commenting or they simply will not be published - but the question must be asked.

Who the bloody hell are The Shomrim? Well actually I do know - now - after a bit of digging. But before we go on about them, first of all a bit of background to this article and what prompted me to dig into The Shomrim.

In an online Jewish "Newspaper", they give the Jewish Reaction to London Riots and write the following:

In England, two organizations are involved in enhancing the security of the Jewish community. The Shomrim an organization similar to the one active in Jewish neighborhoods in New York, and the Community Security Trust, known as the CST are on alert. The CST as a large, professional security organization that works closely with police and the authorities. The group, which has volunteers in every city, also put its hotline into immediate action.

Now, I have written about the CST before and asked back in 2008 why are the Jews allowed to have their own uniformed private army for "defence", when British People are accused of being vigilantes or worse when they organise defence of their remaining areas in Our Cities?


The Jewish CST is a small army with Headquarters, offices and staffed by 55 trained people to support their private force of over 3,000 volunteers who are trained by the police to carry out the following.

Their "volunteers" Briefing Card carries the following information.
Your job:
Your job is ensuring the safety and security of those attending this location.
Check the location for unauthorised entry.
Observe/challenge all unknown persons approaching the location.

Now I am not sure why the police are helping to train a private army and whether they would be kind enough to train groups of White People, so they may also act in the defence of their own people and property should the need arise again - and it will - but I very much doubt it.

We have a close relationship with senior officers, constables and beat officers which includes joint patrols, training exercises and regular consultations on strategic issues in the fight against antisemitism. The CST is represented on numerous Police and liaison groups, including the Race and Violent Crime Task Force Unit at Scotland Yard and Police Consultative Groups throughout Britain.

Joint patrols, training exercises? What the hell is going on here?

Now on to a report about The Shomrim. The Shomrim ("watchers" or "guards") are another "volunteer" Jewish private army with their own uniforms and active units all over the world.

Their prime purpose they say is to prevent anti-Semitic attacks but they have been criticised for using excessive force against non-Jewish suspects as well as being criticised for holding back information on child molesters and Jewish criminals, as they believe that it would be wrong to inform on a fellow Jew to non-Jewish authorities.

The Shomrim
Now Shomrim Officer, Gary Ost told the Jewish Ynet; "We realized that people start riots when there is no police presence on the scene, and then it is hard to control them, so we wanted to stop it in the Jewish neighbourhoods before it gets started." and I cannot fault him there but what I found interesting in this article, apart from the bit about how, protected by kevlar vests they apprehended some looters - was the news that they also have been working with the police for many years although initially there were concerns by the police about their organisation!

So there you have the two para military Jewish Organisations being allowed to patrol "their areas" of Our Land whilst the True British People who attempt the same are treated like "cattle" and condemned as racists by the Ashkenazi False Jew, David Cameron.


Meanwhile, the Sikhs, tooled up to the teeth are also working with the police whilst running a military style operation. Amarjit Singh Klair from Hounslow said: ‘We are working along side the police, they’re doing what they can but they are stretched. ‘Why shouldn’t we defend our homes, businesses and places of worship? This is our area. There’s lots of talk about it kicking off here. But we’re ready for them.

Actually Amarjit, whilst I do not condemn you defending what you say is your area, I do dispute the ownership of the "area" but this is something we will no doubt resolve in a few years or so, so we shall drop it for now. Meanwhile keep it safe for the British People.


And what about whitey during all these troubles? What was he upto when not stripping off to hand his clothes over to some black robber?

Well those brave white souls who took to the streets were vilified as racists and vigilantes - and if they had been seen carrying the types of weapons that the Sikhs are seen brandishing in the image above, they would have been shot dead quicker than that black gangster the police shot last week.

As for the other whites - well a lot of them shamed the white race by waving broomsticks in the air and rushing off to clean up the muck left by those who so enrich our nation. Roll on payback time.