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Monday, 8 August 2011

Islamic Anti-Semitism in Modern Britain

Anti-Semitism in Modern Britain

By Southwest Nationalist.

With new figures for the first 6 months of the year now published by Jewish organisation the Community Security Trust (CST) we witness, yet again, a familiar pattern in incidents of anti-Semitism within the UK.

Although figures for anti-Semitic incidents appear to be falling overall, it seems that incidents in Greater Manchester have rocketed by a third, with 121 incidents in the first six months of the year, more than Greater London (98 incidents) which has a far higher Jewish population.

Most recently in Manchester we saw the case of taxi driver Taha Osman, an Iraqi, who received a 12 month community order for ranting outside a school and yelling that “All Jewish children must die”.

Of course, most incidents don’t make the news, but this was one of those few which did.

The CST report for the opening 6 months of this year makes once more for interesting reading.

For incident perpetrators we are informed that “Bearing in mind these limitations, a physical description of the ethnicity of the perpetrator or perpetrators was provided to CST in 96 of the 283 antisemtic incidents reported during the first six months of 2011.

“Of these, 48 perpetrators were described as white; two as East European; six as black; 32 as Asian; none as Far Eastern; and eight as being of Arab appearance”.

That makes 50% of incidents attributable to white people, and the rest made up by minority groups, including 33% by “Asians”. Religion of the perpetrators is not mentioned.

As the CST points out, it uses the IC1-6 system used by police, so it is quite possible that, for example, Eastern Europeans could have been classified as white in some cases.

Either way, assuming the 50% figure is entirely accurate, whites, who make up the majority of the population of the UK, are actually involved in less anti-Semitic incidents when their numerical domination of the population is taken into account.

Asians, making up a far smaller amount of the population of the UK, are shown — at least by the CST statistics — to be involved in far more incidents relative to their numerical presence in the overall population of Britain.

We see a similar pattern for the 2010 figures. There, the CST identifies the ethnicity of the offender in 214 out of 639 incidents. 101 or 47% were white, 63 or 29% were Asian. 21 were also of Arab appearance, making for another 10%.

2009, and again, similar patterns. From 924 incidents, ethnicities were given in 321 of those. 145 were white, 98 Asian, 39 Arab.

In these years the only way the CST manage to show whites committing more than half of anti-Semitic incidents is by merging “white” with “East European”, and even then it only just takes the figure past 50% in all cases.

A limp argument is made by the CST that these figures are a result of Jews living in more diverse neighbourhoods, but surely this is indeed a tacit admission that the Jewish population as a whole is not exactly benefiting from the joys of mass immigration and the ongoing colonisation of the UK.

What we can see for sure is that white British people account proportionally for far fewer anti-Semitic incidents – at least those in which a perpetrator ethnicity is identified – considering how much of the population of the UK as a whole that white people make up.

All of these figures once more highlight the lie that Britain is a multicultural paradise of diverse communities existing in harmony, and the lie that it is British white people who are responsible for the majority of “hate” incidents.

The much touted harmony between communities does not exist, instead we have an ongoing friction, and as a result one community — in this case, the Jews — are seeing a significant proportion of the “hate” incidents against them originating from within “minority” communities.

It’s certainly food for thought, and not an answer any mainstream politician would dare to give if asked “Where is the hate for the Jews in modern Britain coming from?”.

*All figures taken from CST reports on anti-Semitism, 2009, 2010, first 6 months 2011, available here.