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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Labours Julie Hilling MP the worst MP in Parliament

Missperson Julie hilling and a nice alarm clock to remind her to vote?

Just look at the record of the token woman MP for Bolton West Labours Julie Hilling on the recent votes in parliament on the EU.
With a majority of only 92 you would think that miss or Mrs or miss person Hilling what eve
r the hell these token femministas call them selves nowadays, would be more concerned on her voting record in the traitors central committee, sorry Parliament. it must be added that in our view at the Horwich Nationalists that miss person Hilling is only the MP by default, after all it was the circulation of what I thought to be a scurrilous third party Leaflet by her union UAF thug allies Hate not Hope in the guise of a housing association committee that spread what i believe to be lies about her Tory opponent in the General Election, that won her the seat. Is it not time for people to demand that their MP,s are from the local area and not put on a shortlist just because they are a wimmen or efnic and therefore dependent lap dogs of the Marxist labour parties ruling marxist commissariat. who just cannot be either bothered to vote or just do as they are told to vote as their reselection as a lapdog depends on it!

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