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Saturday, 27 August 2011

”Kill the Brits” on UK War Memorial Isn’t Racist

”Kill the Brits” on War Memorial Isn’t Racist

By Southwest Nationalist.

“I personally don’t think the graffiti was racially motivated….It is true they were probably Asian in origin but people should not read too much into that. This area has a lot of Asian young people so in a sense you would expect that”.

That’s one Frank Muldoon of the Hermitage Environment Group commenting on graffiti, including such phrases of blatant hate as “kill the Brits”, appearing on a sculpture in memory of British civilians who were killed in the Blitz.

The sculpture, depicting a dove, stands in the Hermitage Memorial Park, Wapping – and is now surrounded by railings after a spate of attack by vandals.

That’s not racist how? If a gang of white kids spray painted “kill the Asians” on a memorial to dead Muslims that wouldn’t be racist either? Would anyone be saying we “shouldn’t read too much” into the fact that the vandals were white?

Pull the other one, the race Gestapo would be out in full force: no stone would be left unturned until the perpetrators of such racist hatred were arrested.

Racism has deliberately been created as a one way street.

Wherever possible it must be proven that the white British are the racists, that any other group are victims.

With an army of excuses, with many incidents of minority racism being ignored or classified as an offence in which no racism was recorded, officialdom ends with a set of figures which – wholly inaccurately – prove whites to be the majority of racists.

Based on these deliberately misleading figures, officialdom take yet more action to tackle the ‘scourge’ of white racism. It is a self fulfilling prophecy, creating the ignorant, but officially endorsed and desired, perception of whites as being the bearers of hatred.

The powers that be bang on about equality – but there is nothing equal about the way in which racism is treated, instead it is a tool of oppression aimed at demonising the indigenous.

Were racism anything but a stick with which to beat the indigenous, were all incidents treated equally whoever the perpetrator, then there is little doubt that we would see figures for racism against one particular group rocket.

That group, who would suddenly top the list of victims, would be you and me, the indigenous white British, our way of life and our culture.

Officialdom would rather we didn’t know that though, they’d like us to remain ignorant of the hate which has been imported and which is directed at us.