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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Labours Human Rights Act is now A Perverts Charter

A Perverts Charter

By Southwest Nationalist.

As Britain’s human rights insanity continues, today we learn that restrictions on paedophiles using the internet and having contact with children are to be relaxed — because, no surprise, it breaches their human rights.

A ruling in the Court of Appeal has over-ruled powers which allowed convicted paedophiles to be totally banned from accessing the internet.

Not only this, imposing a blanket ban on contact with children breaches the paedophiles right to a family life by preventing them having contact with their own children.

Among those now having restrictions relaxed is one Steven Smith, caught with child pornography, and with a previous conviction for raping a young boy.

Just the sort of person we really want online, possibly talking to our kids, then.

That’s right, forget protecting the children, they get the right to carry the scars for the rest of their lives, the rights of perverts are more important.

Human rights rulings create a perverts charter, handing all the rights to those from whom society, and our children, need protecting.

We live in an insane society where innocence is a positive bar to having rights, only the guilty are seemingly accorded every right that they think should be theirs.

Become a rapist and get rights! Something is truly rotten in our society when that is apparently an accurate statement.

Any society can be judged by how it protects the innocent and punishes the guilty — somewhere along the line we have lost our moral compass on both in a major way, justice has become a topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland world.

For the sake of the children we need to re-establish sanity, take back the rights and ensure that they are afforded to those who truly deserve rights.

Many might argue that perverts gave up their claim to rights the moment that they touched a child, or the instant they started to look at disgusting images of kids, and there are few people who would disagree.

Well, all of us other than the judges, politicians, and the bleeding hearts who have allowed Britain to become a nation where a perverts charter has become enshrined in law, and sadly they are the ones making the decisions.