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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

UK Sticky Plaster Politics

Sticky Plaster Politics

By South West Nationalists.

What a week. The night skies over our cities are red from the flames of rioters torching everything in sight. Stock markets, bright red too as the value of shares plummet.

At first glance they may appear to have little to do with each-other, but both could be said to be symptomatic of something which is seriously wrong with our country today.

I like to call it Sticky Plaster Politics.

Everyone knew the markets, banks, and even many EU nations, were in a mess a long time back.

Instead of any fundamental reform, what did our politicians do? Apply a sticky plaster. Bail out some failing banks and countries, talk a few tough words, and leave it all as it was before. Nothing changed, it just got a sticky plaster – a rather expensive one for the taxpayer as profits stayed private and losses got socialised – but a sticky plaster none the less.

And all the while the politicians kept on telling us that all was well.

For years people have been warning that riots like the ones we see now are an inevitable result of the flawed and disastrous multicultural dream which has seen parts of our nation become more like the third world than areas in a first world country.

You can take people out of the third world, but you can’t take the third world out of people. Of course that would be called racist, but we’re seeing the reality of it around us now.

What have the politicians done? Thrown a sticky plaster on it. Community workers, money thrown at ‘deprived’ minorities, Operation Trident, and turning a blind eye to many things in the name of so called sensitivity – aka surrender. It was the only way to hide the problems for as long as possible, until it was too late.

Yet again, you know it yourself, all the while they kept on telling us that all was well, how lucky and enriched we all were.

The result in both cases is the same. At great expense politicians bought a little quiet, and managed to hide a few problems, but when the explosion comes – and come it always does – it is far worse than ever.

The plunging stock markets and an economy in tatters, and streets ablaze and thronging with feral rioters, can both be traced back to very much the same kind of thinking.

Capitalism is great, the markets will take care of themselves, who needs a manufacturing industry when we can be a world leader in shuffling figures around the financial markets. Anything goes wrong, it’s just a scratch, we’ll apply a sticky plaster.

Multiculturalism is great, if we import millions of people they will suddenly become British, and their mere presence will enrich us all. They’ll integrate, and we’ll all be one big, happy family of an enriched nation. Anything goes wrong? Sticky plaster at the ready, the ideal is so great that it just needs a little patching up now and again.

The political bigwigs running this country think only of today, of applying a sticky plaster, and maintaining the status quo. None of those in charge have the courage to do more, they just try and cover the wound until it can explode on someone else’s watch.

It’s all of us in Britain paying the price for the politicians armed with their bundles of sticky plasters, not one of the sorry bunch in charge offer anything more than a quick fix which will come back to haunt us all in days to come.