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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Britains Wholly Corrupt Politics

Wholly Corrupt Politics

It's official
The UK has the most corrupt electoral system in the world
The other week I remember reading something or other about the corrupt excuse for an election we just went through being officially monitored by 'commonwealth inspectors'.
This election, which saw laughing witch Hodge elected in Barking based on the timely arrival of bins full of late delivered Labour votes via the postal system.
That is what these OFFICIAL MONITORS are talking about when they say the system in the UK is more corrupt than any other country in the world including Kenya.
They questioned the legitimacy of the result after thousands of voters were turned away from crowded polling stations. The observers were also shocked by allegations that the electoral roll was being filled out with “ghost” voters. Ababu Namwamba, an MP in Kenya, said: “The allegations of fraud and of voters being turned away threaten the integrity of the vote, especially in marginal constituencies where candidates have a majority of less than 1,000.
Many of our own candidates took notice of the bins full of Labour votes arriving at the last minute too. They knew this system was flawed and corrupt, and they knew many constituencies would be attacked by them.
Yes attacked!
For we are indeed under attack by a political elite who wishes to keep hold of the corrupt levers of power.
They will 'take all measures necessary to keep stability'.....i.e. The Status Quo where nothing changes.
These OFFICIAL INSPECTORS have openly stated the system is corrupt.
I will now state my own and others observations.
1 - Postal voting has been allowed from other countries under what the corrupt leaders say is a 'trial'.
The only 'trial' I want is a trial againt the corrupt leaders who a) didn't ask us, b) didn't think to tell us, c) didn't involve the entire political party choices but instead 'campaigned' in 'other countries', with banners of the LibLabCon. This is political fraud in itself and I'd like to know how funds were made available for that 'trial'.
2 - Postal voting throughout England and Wales at least, was subject to open fraudulent vote gathering.
Gangs of vote gatherers were making up names for voting slips which they simply sent in the post without any checks. Secondly, gangs going door to door getting signatures on blank paper from 'residents' who couldn't speak English and didn't know what they were signing. Thirdly, harassing and threatening people at polling booths by standing ominously near asking 'who will you vote for' before voters went in.
This is organised crime:
It is no good burying your head, thinking they will sort it out because it is they who are the criminals. (Remember they took part in the trial which excluded other parties.)
The police are investigating 50 cases of fraud, but their investigations cannot be completed until AFTER the election result.
Where were the powers of the police to halt an illegal practice prior to it being committed? i.e. Why did the police not stop the election going ahead!
Answer: Because the police are part of the crime.
If they were not part of the crime, then we would by now have seen some faces of the arrested gangs of criminals who were used to corrupt our election, and able to because the LibLabCon allowed it, and who were assisted in their efforts with taxpayers money and benefits coupled with non-existent immigrant controls, so that 'illegal immigrants' could carry out any crime they like and never be traced as they simply disappeared into crowds of ordinary innocent people, who thought they lived in a democracy.
As for my own assumption, I will refer you to something I said at least a month before the election.
I said: "It is my view that the election result has already been decided, and that this will occur by reason that they have already got bins full of Labour votes in the numbers they need, and they'll bring them out on the day".
Now all we need to do is to put a name to who gave the order to fiddle the votes in Barking, Stoke Central, Neath and other places where the simple job of having pre-arranged 100,000 fraudulent postal votes could swing an entire political process into action, to 'smash the BNP'.
As it happened, if you removed those 100,000 fraudulent votes from those areas, then just as we see across the country as a whole, we would be looking at seats where there was very little difference between the votes belonging to the top two places, so I find it quite strange why there'd be such a dramatic difference in the number for Labour in three seats which were political hot potatoes.
Not to leave the point of known corruption, the question now is what will be done about it and what will be done if they refuse to change a system which is completely corrupt.