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Monday, 10 May 2010

New Buzzword Progressive spouted by Lib Lab Crooks

New Buzzword of the Moment Progressive!

Have you spectators of the political horse trading going on at the moment by the Old gang of closet Marxists in charge of the labour and Liberal parties noticed what the the new Buzzword of the moment is? well if you have noticed for reason related to stupidity , it is PROGRESSIVE! ever since the fixed election result of last Thursday. One after another of the Lib/Lab Marxists has spouted the word progressive in their comments, even Brown in his so called resignation speech spouted it. 

Well what will this new progressive political agenda involve? Firstly it will mean a amnesty for the estimated one and half million plus illegal immigrants due to the Labour party , and full British citizenship for them, should be enough to ensure a election victory for the Labour Liberal coalition, at the next election in around 18 months.

Secondly it means that stronger anti Christian legislation is produced , so as to silence the true Churches from objecting to the moral equivalence of the perverted sodomites and I suspect the eventual moral equivalency of Pedophilia, no joke either! to suit the cultish demands of the Islamic cult they wish to replace Christianity with.

Thirdly the implementation of anti White race laws especially directed at the Anglo Saxon Male , in which in the name of equality will silence the British People, from ever objecting against their unjust treatment and the rise of a political opposition , 1st us in the British national Party and then the Old Guard Conservatives! 
These will be easily approved especially by the middle class middle aged token women harridans elected to parliament, who for the sake of a name tag and a title such as junior minister for the menopause, will in their brain washed way will stick their hand up for anything called progressive. But these Progressive hags will be in for a nasty surprise, for when the Islamic horde turn on them as they undoubtedly will, they will have destroyed if successful in their goals the only thing that could protect them, and that is the Anglo Saxon Celtic male and the British Right in Politics,And when the Islamic Republic of Eurabia is founded you know what their fate will, NOT HARD TO GUESS! 

Do not say we tried to warn you!