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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Another Election Promise Smashed: Budget Constraints Mean NHS Job Losses Will Total 53,000

Budget constraints introduced by the Tory/Lib-Dem alliance will see the National Health Service will lose more than 50,000 jobs, activist group “False Economy” has announced.
Original Conservative Party election poster, 2010. Original Conservative Party election poster, 2010.The organisation, which campaigns against budget cuts, said that its studies show that 53,000 NHS staff will lose their jobs in NHS Trusts across the country over the next five years. 
The figure is double previous estimates and reveals precisely how much the ruling regime’s budgetary contortions will cost the British public.
Although it was promised that spending on the NHS would not be cut, the real time increase is around 0.1 percent year, which is way below operating cost increases.
This disparity will inevitably lead to a lowering in NHS service levels as trusts will be forced to make major job cuts to reduce operating expenditure.
Contrary to ConDem denials, a number of doctors and nurses across all trusts will be among those affected.
The data was released after False Economy submitted a large number of Freedom of Information requests, which are available online here.
The figures from False Economy are double those forecast by the Royal College of Nursing forecast last November.
One of the biggest culls they uncover will be at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, where 1,755 full-time posts will be cut, including 120 doctors and dentists, and 620 nurses.
Overall a minority of jobs are expected to be lost from ‘natural wastage’, but False Economy believes the majority of losses stem from the health service’s need to meet the so-called Nicholson Challenge which requires the NHS to make around £20 billion in efficiency savings by 2015.
During the 2010 election campaign, the Conservative Party promised in election posters and in its manifesto that it would not introduce any policy which would harm the NHS.
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