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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Circumstances in Britain Will Play into British National Party’s Hands

Circumstances Will Play into British National Party’s Hands

A convergence of circumstances about which the establishment can do nothing will legitimise the British National Party’s message and the party will be able to take advantage of that as long as it is properly organised and ready, Nick Griffin MEP has said.
Addressing around 90 delegates from around the country who attended the party’s organiser conference in Stoke-on-Trent, Mr Griffin said as spending cuts bite over the next few years, there will be a “momentous opportunity for the British National Party as the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties get the blame.
“The financial crisis is not over and the cuts will make it worse,” Mr Griffin said. “In fact, the second stage of financial crisis will be even worse than the first.”
He pointed out that the establishment politicians are just making things worse. “For example, there is a 35 percent youth unemployment rate in Barnsley, yet they are still bringing in masses of immigrants to do work which they claim no-one else will do,” Mr Griffin said.
The British National Party leader said that there were three other factors at work which made the future particularly uncomfortable for the establishment parties.
The first was the fact that certain parts of the media have gone out of their way not only to demonise the British National Party, but Muslims as well.
“If I was a young Muslim in Britain today, and saw how the media relentlessly portrays crazy things which other Muslims say or do, I would be pretty angry,” Mr Griffin said. This would, he said, lead to increasing radicalisation amongst Muslims living in Britain.
“Just recently we have seen the intelligence services admit that there are thousands of young radicalised Muslims about whom they know nothing, and that it is just a matter of time before they strike,” Mr Griffin continued.
The second factor is the strong possibility of a new war with Iran. “The establishment parties have now announced that Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon in 12 months, and the only way they can deal with this is to attack,” he said, adding that yet another war would have unforeseen consequences upon Muslims in Britain and amongst the general public.
“Finally, what is going on with the blatant media promotion of the English Defence League?” Mr Griffin asked.
“Is it their purpose to drive Muslims to do something crazy so that they can then persuade the public to support a war with Iran?
“Or is it aimed against us, the British National Party? They know from their study groups that there is enormous support for our policies amongst the general public, and they could be promoting the EDL to try and undermine us.
“Whatever the case, the EDL is certainly radicalising a large segment of British youth in a way which the British national Party, committed as it is to electioneering, could never do,” he said.
Mr Griffin also pointed out that the establishment was making a huge error — from their point of view — by legitimising the British National Party’s core message.
He gave two recent examples of this process at work. First, Labour’s Jack Straw had confirmed the accuracy of the British National Party’s warnings about Muslim rape gangs preying on young white girls.
Then Mr Cameron’s “incredulous” anti-multicultural speech had confirmed the party’s warnings on the effects of mass immigration.
“They are clearly trying to steal our rhetoric to trick people into thinking they are going to do something about the problems,” Mr Griffin said.
“In reality, of course they will do nothing. Nonetheless, the fact that they will fail to correct the problems after having legitimised our message, will present the British National Party with the opportunity it needs.
“When they fail to deliver, it tells people that our ideas are right and we will be able to take advantage of it if we are organised,” Mr Griffin said.
“We have the will and now we have the tools to put it all right,” Mr Griffin concluded to applause.

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