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Friday, 4 February 2011

Stop Tilting at Windmills:An Open Address to Rank and file Members of the E.D.L

Stop Tilting at Windmills 
 by Horwich Nationalists 
An Open Address toMembers of the E.D.L
I must first state to the individual rank and file of the English Defence League this that this article is in no way a criticism of your motives in your wish to halt the spread of the threat of the Islamic threat to our nation, it is something that I utterly agree with you on.

But it with regret that I must state that one of the oldest political tricks in the book is that when a ruling political elite grows concerned that their true political opposition is about to make a serious breakthrough in support.
The best political method of defence is to attempt to split the opposition, by the conspiracy and the creation of an smokescreen opposition , that can managed by the old political elite and establishment, in order to  draw away support and resources in manpower and material from their political enemies. And at the same time slowly but surely try to mislead the recruits of the smokescreen opposition that they and their policies are not the real enemy but the original opposition is.  We see that in the leadership of the E.D.L some of whom are not even English defending multi culturalism a totally Marxist philosophy and also defending the moral corruption of the Homosexual lobby.

This I must say appears to be the case with the English Defence League,leadership an organisation that suddenly appeared from out of nowhere with apparent material resources to hand. That also has no real political manifesto or objectives apart from in my view diverting the potential support and resources both material and intellectual from the real political issues at hand into the exercise of pointless marches that have and will achieve NOTHING! Towards political change in this country.
It is thus  I can only state my belief that if members of the E.D.L want real change in this once proud Nation, that it can only come about by a political solution. And that the only way that objective can be achieved is by the massed ranks of our Proud English along with our Scots , Welsh And Ulster brothers uniting under the banner of the only Political organisation that can effect the change we all so desire, the British National Party other wise the Marxist inspired elite that run this country will continue with their programme of our National destruction , whilst you just end up TILTING AT Windmills