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Friday, 25 February 2011

War against being Normal Continues Unabated the Christians View

The war against being normal continues unabated as desperate and radical homosexuals and “sex educators” attempt, often aggressively, to stage-direct the opinion-forming media - and the thoughts of society thereby - often in a way to exclude Christian and absolute moral views, and values, from our society. “If we cannot corrupt you” they seem to say “we will corrupt your children”.

It is a delayed-fuse takeover of civil society by all means - usually more foul than fair; and always to an evil end. One of the ultimate objectives is, I believe,  the re-introduction of the ancient sin of child sex abuse, or pederasty, especially for the benefit of some of the male homosexual elite who have a taste for it; possibly of the Labour party but with a few Tories, Liberal Democrats and Greens thrown in. The ancient elites of the Greeks, Romans, and Persians were infamous for this form of child sex abuse and the whole aim of the “Homophobic Hate Screen,” that some radical homosexuals are frantically throwing-up, is to try to shield this movement from exposure to the public and the wrath that might bring, from mothers as well as fathers, if they suss out what is really going on. The BBC, it seems,  is not interested in child protection, or the human rights of children, where this is concerned, any more than it is over cases of Muslim paedophile gangs. The morally relativistic elite have a clear agenda of hate, themselves, against all things that are normal and moral; and it seems that they do not care what they do to get it, or how truculent they may, at times, appear.
The Coalition Government, following New Labour, is proposing to teach disgusting homosex to primary school children!  This really is a tell-tale sign of what is being planned for our children.  What is the point of teaching homosex to primary kids unless one has an ultimate, not necessarily immediate, pederastic intent with little boys? What possible other reason could there be, long term? Even the normal sex lessons that I have supervised for secondary schools are done in such a way as to sexualise and corrupt, not educate, the youth: the ill-effects, there, tending to be both immediate and long-term. A lot of “sex education”  is plain “promiscuity-propaganda” and “obscenity-promotion” under a fake “respectability guise” or a fake “need to cut teenage pregnancy guise”;  and its known intent and effect is to corrupt the children and the pupil-teacher, adult-child relationship. At 13, 14, and 15  the children and young people  are talking about things that they should not know about, and they can do so in the most disgusting and depraved way that would shock and offend any reasonable adult or parent. And they learn to experiment and practise what they have seen and been taught to think and talk about.  If the parents knew what was going in their name, in the schools, there might be violence as a result.
One of my pupils was pregnant at 13.  I asked her what happened to “”, the baby.  She said, now aged 14, “They came and took it away”.  I could have broken down at that point.  The moral relativism that dominates officialdom is a pestilence, and not an enlightenment.  How dare they talk of  Hate Crime when they are perpetrating it against the helpless.  The aim seems to be to destroy our children and any sense of normalcy and morality they may still have.  And they try to pulverise any who oppose this with their Orwellian sounding programme to “promote equality and diversity” which is nothing more than the “promotion of iniquity and depravity”.   If we stand back from the canvass, so to speak, the Coalition government intend to promote homosexuality in primary schools to little boys as being normal (ugh…why?); they intend to promote civil partnerships of “two daddies” as normal, and such inverts having adoption rights for children as normal (ugh…why?); and if all sexual proclivities are equal (equality and diversity?) then why not, ultimately, with children - especially if some elite homosexuals have a penchant for it.  Disgusting, I know, but we have to examine the facts; and we need to be aware of them.
Patrick Strudwick, himself a radical homosexual activist and writer, is an example of the kind of aggressiveness that comes over, from the general homosexual quarter, that is, against people who stand in the way, however inoffensively, of the radical sodomising agenda.  He recently targeted Lesley Pilkington to seek advice on how to give up what he implied was his own sexual deviancy and disorientation; something that had apparently imprisoned him and that he did not really want to be captive to any longer. Fair dos, you may think, except that he was not being honest and straightforward about any of this. It seems that he was seeking to entrap a Christian professional simply because she was a Christian - a clear case of bigotry, belief discrimination and prejudice - from homosexuals, not against them. Mr Patrick Strudwick agreed to meet Lesley Pilkington but in the context, only, of a Christian moral framework, which, as we all know, condemns homosexual disorientation as being “…of the nature of sin…”, and the deeds of buggery and sodomy as being “unnatural” and an  “…abomination…”. He had two sessions of counselling with her - which he secretly recorded - in which he told her that he “wanted to change.” But later he lodged a complaint to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and alleged that Lesley Pilkington had tried to “…force…” her beliefs on him when he had actually approached her and agreed to the terms of the counselling sessions as being in a Christian context only. How helpless the instigator now postured himself to be; playing the “I’m a helpless homosexual card.” How persecuted he is - he deceptively wanted us to think - by a woman he had actually targeted and undoubtedly misled. When he published, through the Independent newspaper, an article having a go at Lesley Pilkington, he subsequently received a “Journalist of the Year Award” from the sexual deviancy group, Stonewall. This all suggests some kind of set-up. It seems that radical homosexuals are rather good at that, they think.
So are radical homosexuals doing themselves any honour? Are they doing anything other than being utterly dishonourable? Are they the ones with the pugnacious spirit, sizing everyone else up for a fight? Are they the ones with the irrational hatred and phobia, and obsessive dislike of anyone who cannot see things the bent or twisted way they do? Their personal mores seem, from this case, to be as distorted and unnatural as their sexual mores - but then I represent the normal and moral majority. “No Mr Strudwick, homosexuality is not normal. Get it? You have even admitted it to others, however dishonestly, yourself!” Shortly before Lesley Pilkington’s hearing, the BACP required all witness statements to be passed to them with contact details. Immediately after supplying the statements, an expert witness for Lesley Pilkington received several menacing phone calls, threats and intimidation, telling them not to attend. As a result the police were informed and the BACP had to adjourn the hearing. We await further news from the sodomite rights groups about how they feel they have the right to behave in this way, and how they feel that everyone else has got to fall in with their threats, intimidation, and sexual perversions.
I wonder what the mothers and fathers will do when they find out that all this is not unconnected to teaching little children, as young as 5, 6, or 7, about sodomy and buggery in their class lessons at primary school and how it is “normal” for someone to have “two dads”? Childhood is supposed to be a time of innocence. These monsters will not have it so, if they get their way. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said:  “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”. (Matthew 18: 6, Authorised Version).  This is the judgement of God, not the intimidation of man.   Do you understand that, Mr Strudwick?  Where do you  and your prize-givers stand on the promotion of such perversion, especially  in primary schools?
May I ask David Cameron and Nick Clegg what they intend to do about the new pederasty-tending campaign in primary schools which is being shielded and defended under the pretence, cover and screen of “Sex Education“ and “Stopping Homophobic Hate”? It is the getting at our children in schools which will cause justified anger, concern and contempt! Is this homophobic hate, Mr Strudwick? Or is it child protection and the right to be normal, not bent? We all have life choices to make when we are adults. You have clearly made yours but we do not have to follow you or approve of you and what you do, and - as for the radical homosexual agenda for our children - it is time for the cohorts of radical homosexuals to leave primary children alone! Would you not agree with that Mr Strudwick? Adult obsessions and phobias should be left for adults and not be imposed through schools upon other peoples’ children or any children, at all, for that matter!
The belief that homosexual disorientation is normal does, logically, lead on to the view that other forms of sexual deviancy and inversion are normal - and that, ultimately, and sooner than many of us think - leads on to the issue of child protection and care.  It is vital to shield our children from all child abuse and perversion and to ensure that they do have a childhood.  Likewise it is important for homosexual activists, like Mr Strudwick, to recognise the need to respect Christian views and values, and those who hold them: they are the only life-line, any of us have, to repentance from sin and salvation through our only Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  There may well come a day when Mr Strudwick, and others,  may wish to avail themselves of that life-line; and it is only right that they should ensure that they have the opportunity to do so by currently respecting those commands of the gospel, to saving faith and repentance, to be heard by all, even if, especially if, they expose our sin and condemnation.
Yours in Christ, 
The Revd Robert West 
Christian Council of Britain.
The Christian Council of Britain holds to the Holy Bible which teaches that buggery and sodomy are an unnatural lust and an abomination, a sign of God’s wrath upon the ungodly, as well as bringing God’s wrath upon them. However we also know, and acknowledge, that where Satan is at work to bind men to destruction, God-in-Christ is also at work to redeem them from sin, Satan, hell and the power of the grave. Though therapy may be useful, it is the gospel of Christ itself which is the alone power of God unto salvation (Romans 1: 16) and that all who put their trust in the Son of God will be saved from both the power and the penalty of their sins.