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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Con/Dem UK Government Report Ignores Immigrant Effect in Destruction of Britain’s Educational System

New Government Report Ignores Immigrant Effect in Destruction of Britain’s Educational System

A new Government report on declining educational levels in Britain has deliberately ignored the effect of immigrants in this process, a strategy which has been repeated by the controlled media.
According to the report, commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health, almost half of all boys in school aged five years are falling behind in educational standards.
The report said that only 44.5 percent of five-year-old children in Brent, North London are “progressing quickly enough at school” and that almost half of five-year-old boys are “failing in their development by their first year of school.”
Furthermore, the report, called the Marmot Review after its author, Sir Michael Marmot, said that in some parts of the country as many as six out of 10 boys are lagging behind the levels of behaviour and understanding they should have achieved.
Apparently the national figure of all five-year-olds who are not meeting standards is 44 percent.
The figures contain huge regional variations which are clearly linked to race and immigration, but which the report stoically ignores.
For example, in Solihull, West Midlands, almost seven in ten youngsters — 69.3 percent — have reached a “good” level of development, while in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, the figure is 68.8 percent. These areas still have significantly large indigenous school age populations.
“In contrast, in deprived Haringey, North London, just 41.9 percent of five-year-olds have got to the same levels, while in Brent, North London, the figure is 44.5 percent,” the report continued.
Both those areas have very high young demographic immigrant trends, and in the school years under study, Third World origin immigrants are far and away the majority population.
Furthermore, the report says, in Tower Hamlets, 41 percent of homes are dependent on state handouts, but in Wokingham, Berkshire, it is just five percent.
Once again the racial demographics of the two areas are completely ignored. Tower Hamlets has been almost completely colonised by Third World immigrants, while Wokingham remains majority indigenous British.
The deceit about the real cause of the collapsing educational system is carried on by the controlled media.
In its coverage of the report, for example, the Daily Mail used a posed photograph of white five-year-olds to illustrate the article.
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