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Monday, 21 February 2011



Christian Council Of Britain Archbishop John Sentamu fled his own country, Uganda, for ours but has brought the spirit of political and religious persecution with him!  Ungrateful for the haven he has found, here, in Great Britain he has become instrumental - as a bad bishop, a very bad bishop some would say -  in bringing, a stage nearer, persecution for one’s peaceful, if “politically incorrect,” beliefs.  According to Christian Concern for Our Nation, Christianity is already one of the main targets of this, not just the British National Party.  The only article of faith some Bishops have is nearly always something to do with this party; a peaceful, legal and registered political party undergoing some success in the polls and challenging the complacency, not to say delinquency, of all three main, overly secularised, parties.

Many see John Sentamu’s theology as poor, like his grip on the Bible and the truths which it teaches.  Certainly a Bishop of his position - whatever you make of his moral and cultural stature - should be more circumspect in any lack of regard he may have for the fundamental human rights, and civil liberties, of freedom of association and affiliation.

But, it has to be said, that he is in bad company.  Black Bishop has White Bishop!

Rowan Williams almost makes John Sentamu’s catastrophic failings - such as spitting in the face of religious and political liberty - look like success!

This is acknowledged very widely at the grass roots of the Church of England, which remains a Church that will live, if it lives at all, at parish level.  I have been surprised by how ordinary parishioners and parish “priests” have little respect for their bishops who are seen as menacing, out of touch, wishy-washy, hangers-on for media prestige and elite status.  This is not very Christ like, and certainly not very pastoral.

Rowan Williams favours the Islamic sharia which persecutes Christians and Jews and which is designed to apply to both Muslims and non-Muslims; so any comparison with Jewish law is out of place.  And White Bishop has practically split the Anglican Communion worldwide by his dithering over the issue of homosexuality in the clergy and laity.  Why does he not come out and condemn it - the Holy Scriptures do.  By the Bible of the Church of England, homosexual practise is a  heaven-denying sin: “Do not be deceived” says the apostle Paul.  The Bishops seem to be taken in and seem to want to take everyone else in.  All the main political parties are pushing this ancient Greek and Roman sin as if it were somehow new and modern - the Bad Bishops have clearly not been reading, and inwardly digesting, their Bibles; nor their ancient histories.   Hello?

And yet they claim to be ordained.  But if you are ordained to the ministry by God, or the Church, there ought to be some evidence for it!  All we have here is evidence of the loss of a moral compass, and the loss of mountains of moral fibre; and they are generally without fire, ardour, or love to God and for the souls of men - something for which they will surely answer for in the great day of judgement.  Ordained of God?  You must be joking!  I am almost persuaded to think that they are not Christians at all, let alone ministers except in the sense that perhaps Judas or Caiaphas were.  The former betrayed Christ and the latter crucified Him… …though each was ordained in some merely ecclesiastical sense.

This may seem a little harsh but it may well be a little too accurate.  It is better to warn people now rather than allow them to continue on the broad road that leads to destruction.  It is their job to call people to faith in Christ and to repentance from their sins. That includes homosexual practise, buggery and sodomy.  But it does not include moderate nationalism.

Nationalism within proper bounds is not a sin: rather it is ordained and approved by God.

Nations are groups of people of a common descent and all such nations have been made by God - no racism in that, see Psalm 86:9AV/NKJV and most versions.   It was His idea to have nations, in Genesis 10 and 11;  and it went against the global elite’s idea who built the tower of Babel - a kind of ancient Old Testament globalist project.  This theologically challenged African Bishop, at least on the matter of nations, who does not seem to appreciate political freedom as he should, needs liberally and theologically educating in more ways than one.  And yet he is leading the Church of England.   Jesus spoke about the blind leading others into a ditch.  We all know that the Church of England as a whole is in some mighty big ditch.  And at the bottom of it are these two Primates.

If Sentamu thinks that “nations” are wrong he is siding not with Christ or His Father in Heaven but with Nimrod and all the other polyglot dictators who have befouled the course of history.  Yes, nationalism can go beyond its proper bounds and then it does become sin.  But so can Bishops and Synods.  Did not Jesus say something about taking the beam out of our own eyes first?   It would be nice if the Bishops provided leadership in that role, first, by setting a good example in it themselves.

Let us invite the accused British National Party parishioners and “priests” to general synod and see what they really do stand for, unfiltered by a biased media, which promotes the things - including the mass killing of human life in abortion - which will surely destroy us, either in this life or in the next.  Let us not drive them underground or out of the Church of England for the Church of England needs as much help as it can get.  If you cannot love your own kin how can you possibly love others?  See what Paul says about his love for his own kinsmen in Romans 10: 1-3.  And yet he was the apostle to the Gentiles, not his own stock of Israel, seePhilippians 3:5.

And let us all start to value, for clergy and laity alike, freedom of political opinion and association being peaceful.  The exercising of such freedoms, peacefully, are not sin; but are an essential part of the political process in a liberal and democratic society.  They are also the mark of a Christian society.  After all that is why Archbishop John Sentamu came here to Britain in the first place.

Didn’t Jesus, also, say something about hypocrisy?

© The Revd RMB West, Dip. Th.
Minister of the Gospel.

The Rev Robert West uses the Book of Common Prayer (1662) of the Church of England and ministers to all churches or congregations.  He was trained in South Wales and was ordained presbyter in 1979.  He stood for the Lincolnshire Racial Equality Council in 2005 and joined the British National Party in 2006, having earlier founded the Christian Council of Britain as a Conservative District Councillor.
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