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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Why is the Asia & The Rest of The Third World Not “Multicultural?”

Why is the Third World Not “Multicultural?”

Why does the liberal elite want to force multiculturalism upon Britain and the First World yet they vigorously defend the right of the Third World nations to maintain their distinct cultures, asks British National Party correspondent Maid of Kent.
By Maid of Kent — It must be time to divert the attention of the sheeple away from another 'bad news day' — what better way to hide bad news than to announce that our 'beloved and respected leaders' have finally seen the light about the mass immigration and attendant multiculturalism disaster that they imposed on us in the first place?
Watching David Cameron give his 'failed multiculturalism' speech (for all of 30 seconds — I can't take any more than that) I have to wonder at the desperation of the Conservative Party and voters that they would vote for this man.
He speaks with the conviction of a wooden puppet (Pinocchio comes to mind) and so obviously neither believes what he is saying nor intends to follow through with any promises that his speech/propaganda writers make.
He reminds me of Tony Blair, but is an even worse actor and liar, which is saying something.
I just find it frightening that there are masses of people in this country who believe this performance and really think that things are going to change!
What is more indicative of the predominant beliefs among the liberal elite who Cameron represents is the comment on his speech by Paul Vallely in the Independent newspaper.
This — and many of the comments posted — reveals the twisted views and beliefs of influential segments of our society, views and beliefs that we must rigorously contest.
These elements in Britain have the self-righteous view that multiculturalism is the natural and desired state of life in our country, although they rigorously and hypocritically avoid the suggestion that it should be imposed on any other country on earth.
From the brainwashed Marxist agitators to the Asians who say that they are British but still call themselves 'Asians' (you cannot be both), we can see the whole range of Liberal fascism and intolerance of the views of the ordinary British people.
Vallely himself suggests that British culture has no right to be the dominant culture in Britain — how twisted is that?
Perhaps he would be happier if Islamic culture was the only culture of Britain?
Would he also suggest that Indian/Chinese or African culture had no right to be the dominant cultures of those countries? Of course not — such is the hypocrisy and arrogance of these so-called liberals.
Unfortunately, such has been the brainwashing of our people by these liberal fascists, that many British people believe that the mass immigration-imposed multiculturalism is the normal and best state for Britain.
Nationalists, who have opposed the folly of mass immigration and have resented the invasion of our homeland by uninvited and unwanted hordes from all over the world, believe that the indigenous British people have the right to their own homeland and for their culture to be the only acceptable culture in that homeland.
We ask no more than African, Asian or Oriental people do in their own homelands — the acceptance of the indigenous peoples' culture as the sole and dominant culture of that country. 
Why is that not acceptable to these liberal fascists? I can only assume that it is because they wish to see the destruction of any European Christian based culture — for what reasons and ends I can only guess.
But when they make war with my culture, they make war with me, and any who share my belief in our culture.
Bear in mind that the hordes of immigrants who have invaded Britain came originally and solely for economic reasons — and should have been grateful for the opportunities afforded them — but have bitten the hand that fed them by then seeking to impose their cultures (prevalent in their failed Third World homelands) on the countries and native peoples that allowed them such opportunities.
How ungrateful and ungracious is that?
When I see all of the countries in the world happily and peacefully enjoying the multicultural experience, then I may be prepared to submit my country to the multicultural experience.
I fail to understand why Britain and Europe should be the ones to have this experiment forced on them, when many, many, countries in the world would be far more likely to benefit from this experiment than previously successful European nations.
But the liberal fascist elite hypocritically recoil from any suggestion that failed Third World nations might benefit from such an experiment — it is only acceptable for the white European nations.
The truth is — and they know it — that multiculturalism has failed in every country that has experienced it, throughout history.
We have been able to read in our history books and learn about these multicultural failures, but thanks to the Lib/Lab/Con politicians, we can now experience the horrors of such failures ourselves.
The former Yugoslavia, the anti-Semitism prevalent in Europe throughout history — the history of mankind is full of examples of the failed concept of multiculturalism — yet the idiots from the Lib/Lab/Con parties who have ruled Britain for decades ignored the lessons of history and imposed the same doctrine on us — and it has failed yet again. 
This is Britain — not Africa, not China, not India, not Pakistan — and British culture, the culture of the British people who are the rightful inhabitants of Britain, should and will prevail.
If any don't like it, they can go to a country with a culture that they do like.
I, and other Nationalists, won't stop them and if necessary, will help them on their way.
Like many British people, my forefathers spilt too much blood to allow me to give my homeland away to foreign invaders. Like the flesh that I spring from, I will fight for my God, kith, kin and country — and culture.
By the way, there is no such thing as 'multicultural'. The term suggests that the people of a nation enjoy living with numerous aspects of different cultures, all interweaving seamlessly and harmoniously.
While superficially that may be correct — the British people have always enjoyed their cup of tea and more recently, a curry — these examples are merely occasional adoptions of certain elements of other countries cultures in that they have then been absorbed into our culture over time, therefore over time, becoming part of British culture.
These foreign customs have been willingly adopted by the British people, through choice and preference. They have not been forced down our throats.
I had a quite heated discussion with a multi-culture supporter recently. She is quite offended by someone who belches out loud in public — to her (as a British person) it is bad mannered to do so.
But what happens when a refined British person who believes that belching in public is the height of bad manners comes up against someone of Arabic origin and culture, who believes that belching loudly after a meal is the height of good manners?
Does the Arab refrain from belching in order to not offend the Briton (therefore changing their culture and submitting to the norms of another culture) or do they belch loudly (following their own culture) and offend the Briton?
Or does the Briton (adhering to their cultural norms) show their disapproval of the belching (therefore offending the Arab) or, ignoring their own culture, accept the cultural manners of the Arab?
If both follow their own culture, then both will be highly offended by the actions of the other, proving that for multiculturalism to work, one or the other (or both) cultures has to submit to the other.
One, or both have to make concessions for people of different cultures to live harmoniously together, in which case, neither is following their own culture — they are both giving way on their traditional beliefs — therefore they have no culture. Or one does not give way and makes no concessions to other races and cultures, which leads either to the submission of one culture to the other, or to a cultural clash. 
We see this every day in Britain with the acceptance by the British people of 'gay' rights, feminist rights etc., when these same ideals and principles are fundamentally opposed by Muslims — whose culture prevails?
Multiculturalism does not work in theory and it does not work in practice.
People of all cultures and races have more respect for each other when they live in their separate nations where they can observe their own unique cultures, moulded and guided by their own peoples’ customs and traditions.

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