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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Racism in UK MUST cut both ways

Racism MUST cut both ways

 FEBRUARY 2011: A bus driver from Greater Manchester was called a White 'slag' and a racist by a Muslim after she told him that he was driving up a one-way street.

 There then followed a confrontation in the street which was witnessed by the passengers on the bus.
The lady told Nick Griffin's Constituency Office what happened next
"The 'gentleman' claimed to be a teacher and told me:
"I teach your parasite White kids".
I replied that he couldn't be much of a teacher if he couldn't read a sign saying 'No Entry'.
He called me a racist again and then stormed off.
How can it be right that he can get away with abusing me in this manner. If it had been the other way around I would have been arrested for what he said to me.
My dad and grandad fought for this country in two world wars. They would both turn in their graves if they could see what has happened to our country.
I think it a sorry state of affairs when only going about my job, I was also in uniform, to receive this kind of abuse just earning a living."
Responding on behalf of the MEP, Constituency Office manager Tina Wingfield, wrote:
"Thank you for your email, explaining your recent negative experience while on duty as a bus driver.
"Your frustration is understandable, and many people feel as you do.
"The British people were never consulted over the policy of consecutive Conservative and Labour Governments to promote and facilitate mass immigration, yet we must now face the many problems that the consequent over-burdening of our country has caused.
"On top of the very real social and economic difficulties we now endure, it seems we also have to tolerate the unjustified distain of our 'invited' guests. There is an attitude prevalent particularly within the Muslim community that we - as non-Islamic westerners - are decadent and of lesser value than their own community. In essence, it is a manifestation of what would be termed “racism” or xenophobia if the same attitude was displayed by British people towards Muslims. In today’s topsy-turvy PC world, however, racism clearly doesn’t cut both ways!
The British National Party is often labelled as ‘racist’ by the media and mainstream politicians because of its stance on controlling immigration. From our perspective, there is nothing racist about wanting to protect your family, community group and nation. If you imagine Britain as a lifeboat, we have welcomed many newcomers onboard to share in our steady success, but now the boat is sinking under the enormous pressure resulting from our charitable intentions and we have to say ‘enough is enough’ in order to ensure our own - and our invited guests’ - survival. This is not ‘racism’, it is simply common sense.
If you would like to speak to a representative of the British National Party, our Enquiries Office would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact them via email at , or by telephone on 0844 809 4581. One lone voice often achieves little, but the voices of many raised together cannot be ignored."