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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Residents of Horwich and Bolton are you Passionate about Britain ? — A Message from Nick Griffin

Passionate about Britain — A Message from Nick Griffin

Monday was Valentine's Day. It got me thinking about love, in different forms, and how we express it. We love our family and our friends of course.
 The more religious amongst us love God. There are different types of love — all covered by just that one word.
You, like me, don't just love your friends and family. You love and care about your country.
Maybe this week you sent a card or a message of love.
The British National Party has a message for Britain. It's a message of hope. It's also a message of love.

We have produced a stunning new leaflet which is positive and professional and gets this message over.
This leaflet is the next step in the campaign to make sure that people understand that we do what we do because we care. Our new "Heart for Britain" logo was just the start.
Our leaflet goes beyond our complaints on key issues like immigration. It tackles other questions of vital concern to the public.
Everyone who cares about the future of our country needs to get hold of some of these leaflets.
Every person who believes our country can be a land we can be proud of again needs to donate so that we can print even more.

On the first day of release, our leaflet sold 200,000 copies. They will be going through doors up and down the land now.
It's not enough! Our message needs to get to everyone!
That's a big job, and we will need your help. Everyone can play a part.
You can help in two ways.
First, order some leaflets yourself.

Call 0844 809 4582 to place your order now. You can pay with credit card or make cheques or postal orders payable to ‘British Heritage’ and send them to PO Box 5057, Nuneaton, CV11 9FP.
*  100 = £5
*  250 = £9
*  500 = £17.50
*  1,000 = £30
*  4,000 = £100
We're passionate about our country – let's get others feeling the same way!
Second, donate online, or by ringing 0844 809 4581, so that we can get even more copies into the hands of our activists. Some are unemployed, some are pensioners, some are still at school – if you can't do the legwork with them, can you at least keep them supplied with leaflets?
Please accept my sincere thanks,
Nick Griffin
Member of the European Parliament
P.S. Help us get people to understand that supporters of the British National Party care about our country. Britain is our heartland, and we are passionate about it. Order our great new leaflet. You can also donate online, or by ringing 0844 8094582, to get even more printed. Remember, if our operators are busy, please call back!
If you liked this news article, please donate to help with running costs and improvements of this website.
Alternatively ring our donations hotline on 0844 809 4581. If operators are busy, please try again.