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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

UK Police running scared of Muslim grooming

Police running scared of Muslim grooming

TELEVISION programmes often generate a lot of correspondence to the MEP's Constituency Office and this week's The Wright Stuff was one such programme.

 Programme presenter Matthew Wright (right) was confronting the issue of racially motivated sex crime, and trying to get studio and audience guests to comment.
Apparently the police refused to attend the show, and Matthew Wright openly called them "chicken" for running scared of this growing problem.
What prompted constituents to write to their MEP was the way the invited guests were too scared to honestly respond to questions and used typical political evasion to avoid answering.
One or two people were brave enough to tell the truth including an Asian woman called Yasmin who pointed out that racially motivated sex crimes had increased British National Party membership.
Even a Muslim caller even acknowledged that the perpetrators of these crimes were almost exclusively Muslim.
Special guest Robert Winston backed off when faced with the Muslim grooming issue and this otherwise incredibly intelligent man, displayed that he had virtually no knowledge whatsoever about Islam.
Responding to those who had written to their MEP, Constituency Office manager Tina Wingfield wrote:
"Given that the police fully collude with the “culture of silence” surrounding the issue of racially motivated sex crime, it is not surprising that they declined to talk publically about the issue. Off the record, of course, officers have revealed that the pathetic conviction rates for sex offenders represents only a small proportion of the “tidal wave” of offending that has been uncovered in areas such as Lancashire and Manchester.
Mr Griffin and the constituency team are working to expose the scandal of the lack of action by police and education authorities to address the problem.
The police are so politically correct that they twist the statistics to hide the extend of Muslim involvement in these vile crimes. We have however, through Freedom of Information requests, forced Lancashire police to admit that all the victims in their Operation Engage grooming investigation were recorded as 'white' and we will continue to shine the spotlight on the police until the true facts surrounding this crime are revealed.
When we have collected all the relevant evidence, Mr Griffin will raise this issue in the European Parliament, as well as running a high-profile campaign in the North West to ensure that this increasing problem is fully recognised and effectively confronted.
We owe it to the young victims - and thousands of potential future victims - to ensure that Political Correctness and the fear of being branded as 'racist', is not allowed to jeopardise the protection of our vulnerable youngsters or to prevent justice from being served."