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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Coming English Revolution

Brief edited excerpt from The Mighty Oak Of The Coming English Revolution by Mike James.
We have been betrayed over successive generations by a financial caste, based in the City of London, that regards us as nothing more than cattle. We have been fooled into thinking that the British Crown, an international financial concern, is somehow connected to that wonderfully anachronistic and wholly false construct, the United Kingdom.....which is synonymous with another misnomer, “Great Britain”. They even confuse that with the geographically delineated landscape known as “The British Isles”, which includes Ireland. How deluded we have become, not by dint of their our backwardness, but by an evil, Satanic ruling oligarchy that holds us ever so tightly around the proverbials, placing manacles on our own capacity to think for ourselves.

The little-known Nielson Dissertation, which proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the international-financier controlled British Crown is illegal and had no authority to usurp the Third Republic, is almost entirely inaccessible in any English library. The British Crown system of government, comprising Westminster, Whitehall and the Mafiosa state-within-a-state, the City of London, is not only illegal and lacking in legitimacy, but comprises a unified terrorist organisation designed to kill the spirit of all Freeborn Englishmen and Englishwomen. [I assume here that the author naturally includes Freeborn Welsh/Scottish/Ulster men and women due to the current meaning/interpretation of 'British' - as a result of the failed multiculturalism experiment - becoming so worthless and diluted as to mean virtually anyone]

Every man and woman employed by the illegal British Crown and its administrative adjunct, the fantasy, fictional United Kingdom, is an enemy of the English people. Most would choke on their morning coffees to hear such words. We are just as ignorant of the evil Satanic system that made serfs, and then consumer-slaves, out of the one race of men and women who have, should they rediscover the natural-born courage of their innate, God-given convictions, the effortless ability to utterly destroy the viciously evil Soviet European Union that will have our grandchildren working for less than a euro a day and bow to the Mecca of Brussels at five in the morning.

Not one government minister, not one judge, not one policeman in the illegal United Kingdom has the power or authority to make us obey rules created to protect the Dutch-British-Jewish money matrix for which all English people must pay, namely, the parasites who control every aspect of our lives by playing with virtual money in the City of London, which is, constitutionally, a separate state:
What You Didn't Know About Taxes & The 'Crown' Without the City of London, the monarchy and its hierarchical system of institutionalised repression and deceit would collapse. Without the “pretender” monarchy, not to be confused with its administrative arm, the duplicitous British Crown, then the men and women who are stealing food from out of the mouths of babes and are condemning the elderly and infirm to an early grave would scramble for the first flight out of Heathrow.

This is something that must NEVER be allowed to happen.....
By forcing early closure of all international financial transactions, not one penny of the money they have stolen from us will find itself in the flush of a panicked cash-flight. By confiscating their passports and forcing closure of all international airports, we have them exactly where they belong: in prison awaiting trial.