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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Yes, Says The British National Party ! The Immigration Problem can be Solved?

Can The Immigration Problem be Solved? Yes, Says The British National Party

The immigration invasion which has been highlighted once aga in by the new Migrationwatch report on how the Labour regime deliberately flooded Britain, has begged the question: Is the problem now so pervasive that it cannot be solved?
According to the Migrationwatch report, titled Immigration, Labour’s enduring legacy to Britain, more than three million people entered Britain under Labour’s tenure while more than a million British people left the country.
In addition, at least another one million illegal immigrants arrived and stayed in Britain.
According to a press release issued by Migrationwatch, the key points of their report are as following:
- Nearly a migrant a minute now arrives in Britain.
- Of the 3.2 million immigrants who have come to the UK some 80 percent came from outside the EU.
- The UK population is heading for 70 million in twenty years time and 68 percent of the increase will be due to immigration.
- Since 1997, some 75 percent of the extra jobs created went to foreign born workers.
- Over one third of new households will be a result of immigration, requiring 330 new homes every working day for the next 23 years.
- Waiting lists for social housing in England have risen by 70 percent since 2001.
- Children born to a foreign mother almost doubled to 25 percent.
- An extra 500,000 children arrived in our primary schools and a similar number do not have English as their first language.
- The number of migrants has increased under Labour’s new Points Based System. In 2009, economic migration fell by 27,000, helped by a major recession, but students increased by 43,000.
- Research by one of the country’s leading demographers has concluded that if immigration continues at its present level, the white British group will become an outright minority in the UK by the late 2060s.
“This has been a clear failure of democracy due in large part to the left’s deliberate tactic of stifling reasoned debate with accusations of racism,” said Sir Andrew Green in a statement.
He added that the raw statistics were difficult to envisage.
“But when you consider that three million extra people on this island equates to the creation of three cities the size of Birmingham, seven the size of Manchester or 20 the size of Harrogate with all that that means for the pressure on our roads, railways, housing, infrastructure, the environment, schools, hospitals and the general quality of life it gives some idea of the scale of what Labour has bequeathed to us all.”
The figures are shocking, except of course, to readers of this website who will have read all the statistics as they appeared.
As shocking as they are, the list of statistics raises the obvious question: is it not too late or too far gone to be remedied?
The British National Party argues firmly that it is not.
It is the party’s openly declared aim to restore Britain’s demographic balance to where the indigenous population remains the majority population.
This means adopting a series of measures designed to halt, and reverse, the immigration invasion and its resultant ethnic extermination of the British people.
The first step that is necessary is a complete halt on further immigration. No caps, quotas, “free trade deals” and other tricks employed by the Tories to hide the fact that their immigration policies are identical to Labour.
The second step is to use the full resources of the state to identify, track down and deport all illegal immigrants. This is a task which can easily be accomplished, particularly when our army is withdrawn from the pointless and illegal overseas conflicts.
The third step is to halt all the outrageous benefits and ‘human rights’ laws which encourages the illegal immigration flood and which fuels the ongoing ‘asylum’ racket.
The fourth step is to revoke all the utterly bogus asylum seeker processes and applications of the last 20 years or more, based on the undeniable fact that all of them are false.
Asylum seekers have the right to seek asylum in the first safe country bordering the one they are fleeing. They do not have the right to cross dozens of safe countries to reach Britain.
There are in fact, no, zero, none, legal asylum seekers in Britain.
The total number of asylum seekers totals in the hundreds of thousands, and all of them can be returned to either their home countries or the first safe one closest to those nations.
The fifth step is to institute the already legally constituted voluntary repatriation programme and encourage all the immigrants who claim to be so unhappy, so ‘discriminated against’ to return to their home nations.
Finally, the British National Party undertakes to do a complete re-evaluation of the entire demographic issue.
If it transpires that British people are still destined to become a minority in their own country, a British National Party government will reserve the right to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that Third World immigration never again threatens our very existence as a nation.
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