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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Trafalgar Tourist Terror What Are Kosovan Street Gangs Doing in London?

What Are Kosovan Street Gangs Doing in London?

Thursday’s mass brawl between rival Kosovan street gangs in the middle of London’s Trafalgar Square has once again illustrated the insanity of the establishment parties’ asylum policy.
According to reports, “shocked tourists” were witness to the violent gang fight which saw at least three Kosovans hospitalised and another 19 arrested.
The Kosovans, armed with knives and hockey sticks, fought pitched battles with each other and police for around 90 minutes, apparently after going to the Square to “celebrate” Kosovo’s National Day.
The controlled media has tried to portray the mass fight as part of London’s “knife crime problem.”
While it is true that most of the capital city’s knife crime is of immigrant origin, the Kosovan street gangs are an end-product of a much more sinister aspect of government asylum policy.
Kosovo used to be part of Yugoslavia until the end of the Communist era when it broke up into would-be ethnic states.
Kosovo is currently under the administration of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), despite its independence being recognised by 75 UN member states.
However, Kosovo is not formally part of the EU, and as such Kosovans do not have automatic right of residence in Britain.
Nonetheless, Kosovans were granted special privileges when applying for asylum in Britain as a result of the war in the former Yugoslavia.
As a result, at least 1,000 Kosovans applied every month to come to Britain under the asylum rules, which were only tightened up after widespread abuse of the system became apparent.
There are no publicly available figures on the number of Kosovan “asylum seekers” now living in Britain, but there are certainly enough to have imported their gang warfare onto the most famous square in all London.
* It is also no coincidence that 90 percent of Kosovans follow the Islamic faith. This could also explain the special privileges granted to them by the establishment parties.
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