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Monday, 28 February 2011

“Right Wing Support” Survey: Another Establishment Sleight of Hand, analyis By Nick Griffin MEP

“Right Wing Support” Survey: Another Establishment Sleight of Hand

The newly-released “survey” which claims that 48 percent of British voters will support an anti-immigration party, is an Establishment sleight of hand which will backfire on its producers, Nick Griffin MEP has said.
Reacting to the release of the survey, which has been reproduced widely in the media, the British National Party leader said the report was a mixture of the obvious, the truth, a good deal of not-so-subtle propaganda and Establishment conniving.
“The reality is that no-one needs a new poll to become aware that there is deep dissatisfaction within society at the levels of immigration which, left unchecked, will plunge indigenous British people into minority status within a few decades,” Mr Griffin said.
“In that sense, the British National Party’s place in history, and destiny, is assured.
“We are the only party which has consistently warned about the dangers of unlimited mass immigration, and now the Establishment is slowly being forced to grudgingly concede that we were right, we are right and that all future trends are toward our political direction,” Mr Griffin said.
“There are however, contained in both the ‘report’ and the media coverage thereof, some important considerations.
“The first is that the media has tried to portray the report’s authors, the ‘Searchlight Educational Trust,’ as some sort of objective think thank devoted to ‘antiracism.’
Searchlight founder Gerry Cable, guest of honour at Communist Party meeting in 2008. Searchlight founder Gerry Cable, guest of honour at Communist Party meeting in 2008.“In reality, as all informed journalists are already aware, Searchlight is nothing but an extremist Communist Party front organisation, whose founder actually stood as a formal Communist Party candidate and who as recently as 2008, was the guest speaker at a prominent Communist Party meeting in London.
“There is therefore, no question of ‘objectivity’ in anything Searchlight produces,” Mr Griffin said.
“Furthermore, Searchlight was closely involved with the setting up of the ‘UAF’ organisation, whose leaders are all senior members of the Socialist Workers’ Party.
“In fact, the only reason why Searchlight eventually left the UAF was because the latter organisation filled up with Islamist radicals and became anti-Zionist.
 “Searchlight, whose founder is also a radical Zionist whose son served in the Israeli army, objected to the anti-Israeli stance, and, complaining about anti-Semitism, left the UAF in a huff.
 “The Zionist nature of Searchlight offers another key in understanding the prominence given to the new ‘survey’ by the media.
 “Searchlight commissioned polling agency Populus to carry out the survey upon which the 48 percent figure is based.
 “It is no coincidence that the founder of Populus and that organisation’s Strategic Director, Andrew Cooper, has recently been appointed Director of Political Strategy at 10 Downing Street, working directly to David Cameron,” Mr Griffin continued.
 “All political observers have seen how influential Zionists, both Jewish and Christian alike, have identified radical Islam as a threat to Israel’s support base in western European nations, and have jumped on the anti-Islam bandwagon for their own purposes.
 “Thus it is in their interests to boost populist anti-Islamist organisations such as the English Defence League as a means of pressuring the rest of the political Establishment to do something about the problem.
“This development is becoming more and more blatant, with recent weeks having seen not only the Daily Star but also BBC’s Newsnight shamelessly promoting the EDL.
 “It can be seen in the ‘new’ survey that accent is given to what is described as ‘assertive English nationalism’ and the call for an English parliament as being key ingredients to the electoral possibility of a ‘new’ right wing political party.
“The British National Party does indeed believe that the creation of an English Parliament is necessary to stop the unfairness of the present devolved governmental system leading to a total break-up of the United Kingdom, but the fact that the EDP were beaten by the Monster Raving Looney Party in the Oldham by-election shows that this policy, in itself, is politically insignificant.
 “Obviously, however, the report’s authors hope that by stressing the ‘English’ angle in this way they can encourage organisations such as the EDL to resort to electoral politics, all with the obvious intention of sidelining the British National Party,” Mr Griffin said.
 “While the British National Party is obviously different from the EDL, and would not welcome a party emerging from that organisation, we are quite happy to let the Establishment proceed with its plans.
 “We are safe in the knowledge that all British people who have commonsense and political depth know, or will see very quickly, that the only avenue for real political power lies with the British National Party.
“Perhaps more significant still, the powerful people at present trying to boost and manipulate the EDL are playing with fire.
“In addition to politicising a whole generation of English working class youth (as the middle class would-be thugs of the UAF are already discovering to their discomfort), the whole operation has the potential to spark public disorder and communal violence on a scale never before seen on the British mainland.
“It is a massive and dangerous gamble for the media bosses now plugging the EDL to hope that this can be controlled and provide a safety valve to stop more people turning to us. It’s far more likely to blow up in their faces.
 “All-in-all, this new survey – and the bigger picture of manipulation behind it – only confirms what we know, namely that history is moving in our direction, and that no matter which way the Establishment tries to spin it, the end result will only be in favour of our party, and not against it.
 “This latest scheme will backfire against its producers and we will be the long-term winners,” Mr Griffin concluded.
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