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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Battle for the Soul of the British Nation

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gramsci_pd_120_x_155A Nation and its people are built upon a common culture, which in itself is based on a common philosophy, which in turn is based on a theology which in turn effects the conduct of an individual within that Nation!
So using this principle later worked on by other Marxists mainly Herbert Marcuse, and the Frankfurt school. The attack on our culture began in the late 30's and came to real fruition during the so called sexual revolution of the 1960,s amongst the younger members of society especially the students and their campuses ,were the future leaders of the West were educated!
These are the core principles on which the Marxist Antonio Gramsci (1891 - 1937 - see image) realised the means of attack upon Western culture and it's Christian values. As he had realised after a visit to Stalin's Russia in 1922 that the means of exporting the revolution by traditional bloody methods would never work on the culture of the West.
He realised that Western Culture was based on the morality of the Judea Christian traditions of the individual’s knowledge of good and evil.  And that it affected the individuals personal and social responsibility concerning the matter of their outlook on all matters both public and private within their nation.
Therefore the 1st stratagem of the Marxist cultural attack on the west and it’s values must be to attack and destroy the Christian faith 1st in it’s role in public life and then in it’s relevance to the individual, in effect, the Christian Tradition is the foundations of our society and if you destroy the foundations of any structure the edifice will collapse!
For the pathway to Socialist/Marxist oppression is no longer bloody revolutions. It is the omnipresent dialectic, further enhanced by the Marxist infiltrated media in it's pervasive, suggestive, Anti Christian stimuli, in which minds are dulled and the masses indoctrinated by the stream of perversion and low culture set by this media. were as the people in the Old Soviet Union knew full well they were trapped in a God less and cruel vicious Marxist state, many of them could still think in a rational logical manner. But today's managers of mind control have perfected the the social science collective brain washing

Were it was claimed that amongst many the free use of sexual gratification of any nature was a personal liberty that was being denied by the antiquated views of the Christian church and western culture on personal freedoms. And that to warn against the so called sexual freedoms was the sign of intolerance, and therefore the views of a bigoted and uneducated and frustrated mind.
Well it is quite obvious that the spoilt hormone ridden young men and women of the 1960's would have their attention grabbed by such notions especially as when the use of cheap and free contraception had also been introduced.
And they would be easily be deceived in to believing that the Christian Church and it's morality was a institution of oppression of their personal freedoms and choices And therefore needed to become a irrelevance in their lives of personal choices. both in their private and public lives, which free them to  follow selfish personal gratification by not being curbed by the social morality and traditions of the Church and western culture which quite clearly stated what was good and what was evil in mankind!
So if you destroy the moral teachings and traditions of the Church what did they conclude would they replace it with, A RELIGION CALLED TOLERANCE!
This is something that can easily be controlled by the communist state as in the eyes of the Marxists a moral choice is not fixed for all time! they argue that something that was morally acceptable in the 19th century may not be acceptable in the 21st century, so in effect morality can be changed to suit the needs of the moment in time, example their are too many old people euthanasia is a good moral choice for the good of the proletariat. Or their are too many children forced abortions are a good moral choice, in effect a moral equivalency for any action (see china’s Birth policy).
And as today, it is acceptable that divorce can be had at the drop of a hat, that fathers have no responsibility for their children apart from a mediocre maintenance payment, and on and on, till you get a fragmented and disorganised  society, Due the effects of Political Correctness, as in the  where even the main stream Church, the victim of this first stratagem is now blindly arguing against itself blowing Satan's trumpet in the cause of tolerance.
But not being stupid even Stalin realised the use of a spiritual aspect to some of the proletariat lives was essential in keeping them in check in case they fought against the moral equivalency of the state, at 1st they tried to introduce the shamanistic religions of the East,
But an even better Cult was found for their ends, Islam and a mass introduction the followers of this cult into the Western World would help also, what better a cult based on the basis of submission to higher authority, and who’s moral precepts were based on the acceptability of death as a tool of control, and the added benefit of a multi cultural society that is fractured on all aspects of social life, IE diversity means division! A divided society can not rise to supplant its political elite!
So what is the remedy to this situation?
1st educate your self about the tactics of these monsters. And secondly it must be within yourselves you must 1st rediscover your moral and spiritual traditions and by publicly declaring and living at all times in your life, put pressure on your Church leaders to not hide them selves away hoping for divine intervention as a cure all they themselves must take the battle to Satan's door, and also put pressure on all members of public society make them know how strong in numbers we are, and how tired we are of all the perversion and moral decay that pollutes our lives,
Join the British National Party the only political party that will free us from the moral morass.  They our Marxist opponents will of course try to attack you with their sophistry of tolerance that is like the Emperors news clothes.
But people will see that if you show a lead by seeking the truth and freeing your mind from this PC poison, many others will follow, So as i say to you now pick up your Bible to seek the truth as it warns in that greatest of Books  Acts chpt 20/ 30 "Also of your own selves shall men arise , speaking perverse things , to draw away Disciples after them".. for It will open your eyes and then you will see things as they really are!
Our Mission is now just not political! It is now a spiritual WAR also!