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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Nick Griffin MEP BNP Chairmans Update: So much for "Respect"


So much for "Respect"Dear Fellow Patriot,

I’m sure that you like me were enraged when you saw the news today about the two Muslim Respect party councillors from Birmingham, who refused to join the standing ovation for one of our newest decorated war heroes.

Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq were the only people to remain seated as Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher arrived at the event in Birmingham, our second city to celebrate being given the George Cross for gallantry in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately Birmingham is not only our second city, but is also a centre for dangerous Islamic extremism.

The Lance Corporal is a 27-year-old Royal Marine.  Every time he goes to work he puts his life on the line for his mates and his country.  He was awarded the medal after he flung himself onto a Taliban hand grenade in order to protect and save his comrades in 2008.  Miraculously, he survived the blast.

Isn’t it just typical of the UAF-supporting thugs of Respect that two of their Muslim “councillors” show such disgusting disrespect to one of the very bravest of our brave war heroes? 

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Not British

More than 100 other people gave the young Lance Corporal a standing ovation when he arrived at this meeting held in his honour.  Many more ordinary people have rung our central office today expressing their disgust at this outrageous lack of respect.

I am telling you, these two councillors and others of their treacherous kind, who feel the same as them should be ashamed of themselves. They are not British.

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That’s the kind of anti-British attitude we’re up against, and if it weren’t for the growing number of British National Party demonstrations and campaigns for our soldiers and against mosques, the confidence and aggression of these Islamic colonists would be even higher.  Truly, while our soldiers are in the front line in Afghanistan, back home here in Britain it’s we who are in the front line of the fight for freedom!

Help us fight back!

Please help us to do something about this monstrous lack of respect shown to our heroes, both alive and sadly departed.  Give us the tools that we need to keep our campaigns in the front line.  Every single penny you send will make a difference.  Your continued support will help us confront and face-down not only the blatant traitors like Respect and their radical Muslim allies, but also the treacherous thieves in the Westminster parties who opened the door to the Islamic fifth column now ripping the heart out of our Britain and bleeding us dry.

Right now, our design and publicity team are putting the finishing touches to a fantastic new full-colour recruitment leaflet, which will be the first really big public showing of our great new Heart for Britain logo. It’s positive, professional and powerful. You’ll love it when you see it, but we need £5,000 to print a first run of 250,000 in time for our Organisers’ Conference on Saturday week.

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With stories like the behaviour of those disgusting Muslim Marxists hitting the news almost every day, the time is absolutely right for us to get our message of hope out to our people.  Let’s just do it!   We need the money by Monday. We already have nearly £4,000 put aside – can you help us to raise the rest, right now?

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party