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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Immigration fears of our young Almost three-quarters say it's a problem British National Party Chairmans Update

Fellow Patriot,
Did you see the great poll news the other day? Young people are waking up! The number of 16-24 year-olds who say that immigration is a big problem has risen form 60% to 70% in just twelve months.
Despite years of brainwashing in schools and on TV, more youngsters than ever before are seeing through the lies and spin of the Political Class.
For the first time, people in the 16-24 age group are now more worried about immigrant numbers than those in their 30s, the MORI poll showed. Mind you, opinion in that age bracket is also very much on our side - 68% of 25-39 year olds now say immigration is a big problem.
I believe that the poll shows that young people are now more receptive to our message on immigration than ever before.
The economic crisis means that there will be increased competition for jobs and public services.
Last week it was revealed 965,000 young people are out of work and hundreds of thousands have never worked. One in five 16-24 year-olds is jobless and looking for work. As the banksters' bust and ConDem cuts hit home, even more people are going to realise that we've been right all along.
Am I the only one who thinks this?
Well, No I'm not. Our far-left opponents say:
"With unemployment likely to hit two million by the end of the year and house prices dropping 15% in the past 12 months, most people are feeling the pinch. The government’s response to the credit crunch might have boosted its poll ratings in the short term but it could be the far-right BNP that benefits when the recession really bites."

A leaked Home Office memo has said that “Increased public hostility to migrants” was predicted to result from heightened competition for employment.
It's really no surprise then that there has been a concerted campaign to disrupt and smear the British National Party.
Put simply they don't want us around because they believe we are entering a period of opportunity.
Sadly for them, we have weathered their storm and I have gathered round me a central team of dedicated, highly motivated and talented Nationalists.
We’re working flat out to revamp our Publicity Department and totally overhaul our Elections machine. I’m criss-crossing the country speaking at meetings and organising for the future. I’m determined that we’ll be ready when the stormclouds really break.
Yes, they’ve underestimated us. More importantly they underestimated you. Our enemy believed that you would not renew your membership, join or donate if they attacked and smeared us.
Having no loyalty themselves they don't understand loyalty in others. They don't understand how much you care about our country.
Through thick and thin ordinary, decent people like you have backed the British National Party. Renewals, donations and new memberships have floooded-in. Subscriptions to our new, improved Voice of Freedom newspaper are at an all-time high. As a result the British National Party is back in the fight - stronger than before.
As we enter this time of opportunity we must up our output of literature and our activism on the streets. To do this we need your help.
Please donate today and give us the tools to do the job.

Please accept my sincere thanks,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin
Member of the European Parliament

P.S. Our time of opportunity is coming. We need your help. You can donate online or by ringing 0844 8094582. Remember, if our operators are busy, please call back!