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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Beirut in Folkestone Kent ” — David Cameron’s Muscular Liberalism in Action

Beirut in Folkestone” — David Cameron’s Muscular Liberalism in Action

An outbreak of Afghan tribal warfare which has left at least one dead and several injured in Folkestone, Kent, has served once again to highlight the continuing insanity of mass Third World immigration and David Cameron’s “muscular liberalism.”
According to local inhabitants quoted in regional media sources, Folkestone has “become like Beirut” and there are entire areas of the town which are no-go zones for white British people.
Most recently a tribal warfare broke out between gangs of Afghan “immigrants” at Marine Parade in the town.
One Afghan “immigrant” was stabbed to death in an area which was described as a “no-go area after dark” in the local media.
Another five Afghan “immigrants” were hospitalised as the fight, which turned the street into something resembling a combat zone, raged up and down the street.
According to local residents, the area around the former harbour has “become a hotbed of problems between rival gangs and is notorious for drug taking.”
The buildings behind the hotel, which overlooks the harbour, has been used to house “asylum seekers” and “foreign nationals,” the local media reported.
“Other locals say it is not safe to walk the streets after 9pm and in recent months problems in the area have got worse,” the reports continued.
One local resident was quoted as saying: “This used to be a holiday town but in the last few years it’s turned into Beirut. This could be such a nice place, all these old buildings and it’s been left to go to ruin."
Another resident, Michael Straw, 50, said he had stayed with friends since the mass brawl. “It is absolute chaos and like being in a war zone. I felt scared being there and cannot face going back.”
Another local resident interviewed by the media, former policeman Malcolm Montgomery, said the area had a long history of trouble.
“There’s a lot of problems around here; I wouldn’t feel happy walking around here at night. This area has got an awful reputation."
Chief Superintendent Chris Hogben announced that police were “investigating this serious incident which appears to be the result of a dispute between two groups of Middle Eastern people.”
Ironically, Chief Superintendent Hogben added that the police “also have specialist officers working within the community to reduce these tensions" as if a ‘community cohesion officer’ would be capable of sorting out a tribal war imported into Britain as a result of the Labour/Tory immigration policy.
One report claimed that some families have fled their homes to “escape the violence that has come with the influx of immigrants.”
If this is the sort of ‘muscular liberalism’ and its ‘integration’ which Mr Cameron now prefers instead of his equally awful ‘multiculturalism', then it is about time that Afghan ‘asylum seekers’ should be placed next to his millionaire’s house in Witney.