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Monday, 14 February 2011

Racial Pressure and “Human Rights” Undermines UK’s Security

Racial Pressure and “Human Rights” Undermines Britain’s Security

The vastly higher number of blacks and Asians stopped by police in terms of the “section 44 stop-and-search” legislation has been listed as a direct cause of that law’s scrapping under the ConDem regime’s new “Freedom Act.”
The law, piloted by Liberal Democrat deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, will, according to a statement from his party, lead to “the scrapping of Section 44 powers, which have been used to stop and search hundreds of thousands of innocent people.”
The law was brought in by the previous Labour government in terms of the Terrorism Act of 2000, which empowered officers to stop anyone within a “designated area” without the requirement for “reasonable suspicion.”
The Metropolitan Police has subsequently robustly defended the law, saying that “stop and search is a vital tactic intended to create a hostile environment for terrorists and provide a visible reassurance to the public.”
As almost every single terrorist or would-be terrorist in Britain over the last ten years has been a Third World-origin Muslim, it was therefore no surprise that the number of black people stopped in London went up 354 percent while the number of Asians searched tripled.
The number of searches of white people also went up by 295 percent, which was substantial. This latter fact aside, the controlled media and the left wing have continually claimed that section 44 was “racist” simply because it allowed police to search people who officers on the ground thought most likely to be planning, or in the process of committing, crimes.
The final blow to the law came with a European Court of Human Rights' ruling that the Section 44 powers were illegal.
In terms of the new legislation, chief constables will only be able to request stop-and-search powers for 14 days at a time for specific areas “as necessary to address the threat."
Stop-and-search powers had been used to combat terrorism, knife and gun crime, and a host of other street crimes, which had been one of the primary causes of the proportional increase in the racial statistics.
Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed in parliament that the changes to stop-and-search powers were “not introduced by the police, what happened is that I changed the guidance" (following the European Court's decision).
Another element of the Freedom Bill which has been introduced specifically because of racial pressure is the introduction of a code of practice for CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems (overseen by a new Surveillance Camera Commissioner) to make them more “proportionate and effective.”
This measure has been introduced after Muslims in Birmingham raised a fuss about anti-terrorism CCTV cameras and a report from the Metropolitan Police which revealed that black people account for 46 percent of all arrests generated by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.
That technology allows car registration plates to be scanned and automatically run through databases to determine whether a vehicle is stolen, uninsured or has not had its road tax paid.
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