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Friday, 4 February 2011

Nick Griffin MEP launches Spring Initiative with 'Campaign for Equal Respect'

MEP launches Spring Initiative with 'Campaign for Equal Respect'

 FEBRUARY 2011: 
Nick Griffin MEP has launched his Spring Initiative for his North West of England Euro Constituency with a Press Release and letter to constituents outlining his priorities for the coming months.

 He has pinpointed three issues that he will be campaigning on during February, March and April, in order to raise their profile and make sure that the appropriate authorities respond to the concerns of the public.
Nick has told constituents and journalists:
"Over the next three months, I am concentrating on three key issues that are raised time and time again by people in the area:
1. The problems created by EU red tape for local businesses. Helped by informed advice from tradesmen, community volunteers, small businessmen and farmers, I'm speaking out for commonsense and to curb 'nanny state' meddling that hits jobs and profits.
2.  Animal welfare matters. We Brits really are a nation of animal lovers. So I'm privileged to be able to use my position as a European Member of Parliament to help campaigns such as stopping the barbaric practice of cutting the fins off living sharks and throwing them back in the sea to die in agony. I've just tabled a Written Declaration for MEPs of all parties to join with me to put pressure on foreign zoos to comply with the high standards of animal welfare rightly upheld in zoos in Britain.
I'm also determined to do all I can to ensure that British farmers and consumers are protected against the import of sub-standard food from Eastern European countries where pigs and chickens are kept in disgusting conditions which would rightly lead to prosecution for cruelty if anyone kept animals like that here in our country.
3. Exposing the scandal of the lack of action by the police and education authorities over the scandal of the 'grooming' of young girls from our English community by gangs of Muslim paedophiles. Girls as young as 11 are being tricked or drugged into going to squalid flats with older Muslim men who then gang-rape them and pass them around their relatives as sex toys.
My mailbag is full of letters from worried parents. Some are heartbroken by what has already happened (many of these girls end up as heroin addicts or try to commit suicide), others are desperately scared that their child may be next.
The police are so politically correctness that they twist the statistics of this crime to hide the extent of Muslim involvement in these vile racist crimes. I've just used the Freedom of Information laws to force Lancashire police to admit that all the victims in their Operation Engage grooming investigation were recorded as 'white'.
My constituency office staff and I are working throughout the North West region to uncover the true extent of this crime against our youngsters, and to press the Powers That Be to take action to stop it.
I'm calling this my Campaign for Equal Respect.
When I have collected all the evidence I shall be raising the issue again in the European Parliament. I will also be running a high-profile campaign in the North West to ensure that this increasing problem is fully recognised. Girls from all communities must be treated with equal respect. British girls do not deserve to be treated as valueless, disposable sexual playthings. We've got to work together to stop it."