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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sad UAF Marxists try to Disrupt the Democratic Process in Barnsley

By Horwich Nationalists
Is it not sad to see these poor deluded fools on the streets of Barnsley trying to disrupt the Democratic process. And in my view the most saddest point is how the older Trade Union State Stazi Professor types are deliberately deluding the younger student type members of this small bunch of UAF Marxists, into some how believing that they are fighting for some kind of freedom. When in fact they are shouting for their own enslavement and destruction. It is especially sad to see the attractive  girls amongst them, I wonder if they have really considered what would happen to her under a Islamic regime, or what it would be like to be pimped for sex by the immigrant led sex slave gangs now in operation in Britain. They should all hang their heads in shame at their betrayal of their Nation and it,s People who in generations past has sacrificed their tomorrows for their today's  !!!!!!!. 
SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!