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Thursday, 10 February 2011

British National Party Chairmans Update - Barnsley the Next Battle

Barnsley the Next Battle
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Written by Nick Griffin MEP   
  February 2011
NickGriffinsmDear Fellow Patriot,
Another Labour party thief is caught red handed with his hands in the taxpayers’ till. Quite rightly he is losing his seat in Parliament, and our next by-election will soon be upon us.
Working closely with our hard-working Barnsley branch, we have selected a superb candidate – Enis Dalton, a professional trainer and well-known local community campaigner – to be our candidate in this high-profile election.
As a local girl, she is perfect for a constituency like Barnsley with its close-knit community. Predictably, Labour have parachuted in a candidate, from Hampshire.
Last year, at the General Election, the British National Party candidate polled 3,307 (8.9%) votes in Barnsley Central. With the party united behind Enis, and a strong local branch under dynamic organiser Ian Sutton leading the campaign, all we need to secure an excellent vote is the money to stand against Labour and run a really professional campaign.
We’ve already hit the ground running, with a fantastic total of 150 activists joining me and Enis Dalton on our first Day of Action. The whole constituency was blanket leafleted in just a few hours, with more specialised teams also out canvassing and using specially designed questionnaires to collect the information about what Barnsley voters really worry about. This information will allow us to tailor our message for maximum possible impact. We’re aiming to make this our most professional campaign ever.
We need to remind voters that Labour are no friends of the people of Barnsley. They have betrayed us. The British National Party is now the true voice of the British people” – British National Party candidate, Enis Dalton.
Your help is always appreciated. All nationalists are required to assist in this battle. Please help us in any way you can. Come and join us on the streets, or send your most generous gift today. It is almost impossible to put a monetary target on this appeal for Barnsley, but every single penny you send will make a difference. You will help us confront the Labour thieves, raise public awareness and ensure that the British National Party become the true voice of Barnsley... because we’re in it for the long haul.
By working together, we will win the battle for local hearts and minds in Barnsley. Thank you for your continued and generous support. I know that Enis will appreciate your help as much as I do.
Yours faithfully,
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party
You can donate to the British National Party on their site here.
The British National Party’s national organiser, Adam Walker, has called for urgent ‘instant’ demonstrations against convicted thief Labour MP Eric Illsley for tomorrow afternoon