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Sunday, 20 February 2011

heartless and lack compassion ?

Heartless and Lack of Compassion?
by Horwich Nationalists
What I have to say may seem heartless and lack compassion towards PC David Rathband was left blind after being shot by Raoul Moat.Of course I have sympathy as a human being towards this man as a fellow human being, BUT as policeman I have no sympathy what so ever with him!a contradiction you may ask?

Raoul Moat
But this man has taken the pay of the evil Liberal Marxist political elite, in order to enforce the laws that have been made by that same Liberal Marxist elite in order to subjugate and destroy the indigenous population of this country, and is therefore just as guilty of the charge of ethnic and national treason towards the indigenous peoples of this nation as they are!

The claim or in my opinion the excuse of a career serving the British public can no longer hold sway for the indigenous men and Women whom join the UK police . To me it now seems clear that those men and women now entering the Police service are fully aware as are the majority of the white and blue collar working classes, how the Laws of this land are now clearly established in order to subjugate themselves and their fellow native population of these Islands.

I believe that those who join the police are only concerned about their own financial prospects plus secure employment with retirement benefits. And that whom their serve or subjugate is of only minor if any consideration. As as been proved to some extent by the latest news that the officer PC David Rathband  shot by Raoul Moat is to sue for compensation for the sum of £1 million 
despite still being employed by the Police force and hoping for promotion that will lead to better financial rewards.
Now consider that against what our brave soldiers who serve for love of nation and people get after returning from Afghanistan, basically nothing but spit on by Muslim so called medical staff and their Respect Party brethren and an email saying F**k Off! you are surplus to requirements, and by the way here's £1500 and some sub standard paraplegic equipment, make do! see my point! but remember if it was in my power I would give PC David Rathband his eyesight back tomorrow for  do not hate the man but the institutions of evil he had chosen to support!