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Saturday, 5 February 2011



by Horwich Nationalist
 On a political tactical point every time some mentions Jewish Zionists and not just Zionists, after all Zionism and not Judaism is a globalist political movement that has a great many Gentile acolytes.  
We hand our political and cultural enemies a big stick to beat us with. So ingrained is the folk memory of WW2, and what happened to the forced Jewish labourers of the Nazi’s. That our Political and Cultural opponents can bend and twist any comment or argument when the word Jew is used, to suit their own destructive; twisted and other bitter objectives,

 I know many will say it is true, , concerning many leading Marxist leaders and thinkers, but just look at the leadership of the Munich Red revolution of 1918-18 and other Communist revolutionary examples.
Which is true, but we would also have to ask why also, to me personally it is that due to not the race or ethnicity but Cultural difference towards education of the 19th century of Eastern Europe between the Jewish and Gentile population, as the Jewish population being barred from many trade and mercantile opportunities placed a greater emphasis on education to better their prospects in life.
But we also must recognise the lack opportunity to put that education into effect within Eastern European society of the time in all aspects of cultural life as the majority of the educated Jewish population although denied wanted to, unlike the Islamic population in modern Europe want to be  absorbed and be involved In European culture,

 Which led to a great many Eastern Jewish graduates lacking experience of the realities of the  world  and some mediocre intellectuals struggling, to be recognised for their abilities perceived or not, becoming bitter towards a culture and society that had rejected them?
And therefore they began looking for a system to change or destroy the society or culture that had snubbed them, and therefore they came across a system that would achieve that goal, in effect Communism a deliberate twisted system that would appear to be an idealistic system that was devised for the betterment of mankind to the disenfranchised and that would allow for the recognition of their alleged talents.
 But in reality was created for it’s domination by an elite who are willing to use any one or any thing in their quest for power and wealth. And the more rejected or idealistic or bitter the recruit to this cause the better!

BUT! We have also to be politically ASTUTE! In avoiding terms and statements that can be read in two ways, after all a great many of the Jewish people oppose Zionism knowing what it really is, a elitist political movement for the creation of world domination and power, at no matter the cost in lives, started by the Rothschild’s  ,who did not give a damm about the Jewish members of European society, only their impassable lust for wealth and power.
 And that now has a majority of gentile members I must add, and including some also say the highest echelons of our own so called Royal Family.

So that I must remind you that we are a party that has Jewish members and elected Jewish officials, who like many of their faith of which ours is the child of are deeply concerned at the growing Islamist threat to Western Europe and it’s culture, a culture that is strongly based on the Judeo Christian tradition of personal responsibility and freedom.
 And also remember many British Jewish patriots laid down their lives of their own free will for this Nation in both World Wars, and it would be sad to tar them with the Communist Zionist brush as well as giving our opponents a stick to beat us with!

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