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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

British National Party has the Answers to the Immigration and IT Industry Problem in UK

British National Party has the Answers to the Immigration and IT Industry Problem

By David Hannam—The British National Party would halt immigration by tightening border controls and would revitalise the IT industry through investments in technology universities. 

The Party reiterated its policies after it emerged that the Government admitted that they would allow tens of thousands of Indian worker migrants into Britain.

Prime Minister David Cameron had recently announced his intention to see immigration numbers capped, however, the news of the next migrant wave into Britain illustrates that his and the Coalition’s policies are completely ineffective.

The influx will hit British IT workers hardest as they see an increase in competition for already scarce IT jobs in an industry that is lacking in investment.

Most migrant workers eventually try to take permanent residence in Britain using the “intracompany transfer visas” that allow foreign owned companies in Britain to send cheap home grown labour to Britain for a maximum of five years.

Eventually, after five years, the migrant workers have spouses and children in order to permanently settle in Britain.

As well as the increased competition with British workers and the undercutting of wages forcing struggling British graduates and workers to accept lower wage rates, the migrant workers will not pay National Insurance in their first year but will still be able to use the already stretched NHS for free.

The British National Party researched the figures and found that the figure of 20,000 migrant workers is misleading. The figure of 20,000 is yearly, so if the agreement lasts an expected minimum of five years, the actual figure is more likely in the region of 80,000 by 2015.

In fact, considering that many migrants apply to bring their families to Britain, the actual figure is a lot higher. The estimated size average for an Indian family is around 4 .00 – 6.00, meaning that the real figure is around 320,000, or in other words, roughly the same size of Kingston upon Hull.

The British National Party is the only political party offering real answers to the immigration and IT industry problem.

As stated in the party’s General Election Manifesto, we will:

* Regain sovereign control of our borders by raising the funding of existing border controls. This will allow for an expansion in infrastructure and an increase in personnel which will secure our borders against intrusion.

* The BNP will reinvigorate the IT sector in Britain with massive investments in technology universities.

* The BNP will institute a policy of protectionism for the local IT industry and jobs.

* The BNP will invest in technology universities to provide the skills to our people to take their rightful place as world leaders in the IT industry.
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