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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Even more Electoral UK Fraud?

Even more Electoral Fraud?

In the council elections of 2009 I was election agent for Epping Forest branch. We were standing in every county council ward and also a district by-election.

I attended the counting of the postal ballots a week before polling day and I was surprised to find I was the only election agent there. I was also told that I could not bring anyone with me which some have said should not have been the case. When I arrived at the count I was aware of a corridor passing through the centre of the room and council staff were passing through the room to get to the toilets.

I could immediately feel that my presence was not wanted so I sat in the corner out of the way. At 1 o'clock the counters were dismissed for a 1 hour lunch break and 4 of the 5 officials left the room. I was now in the room alone with one official and members of the council were still using the corridor to get to the toilets, within feet of opened ballot papers. I thought this was way out of order.

After the initial stampede of the council staff using the room for access to the toilets it went quiet. Then the leader of the council entered the room, a person who is very much against the BNP.  She greeted the official who you must realise works for her, she is his boss.  She gives the orders and if he wants to keep his job he must obey her. They started talking and then she noticed me in the corner of the room and appeared surprised to see me there.

It then stuck me that if I had not have attended the opening of the postal ballot votes, an ardent opponent of our party would have been alone in the room with 1000's of opened ballot papers laying on tables and just one official in attendance.

About 4 months after this time this leader of the council had the CEO of the council (who had worked there for 38 years) dismissed for no reason that anyone in the council could ascertain.So you can see how much power she would have had over this lone official.

The count went on until 4pm and when finished the counters were sent home. The council officials were now standing around looking very uncomfortable and I could sense something was about to happen.

A man entered the room with a trolley and the officials loaded it with ballot boxes. Then the man proceeded to wheel the trolley out. I jumped up and said
" Aren't you going to put the seals on? You said I could put my seals on "

The head of the electoral office then shouted at me "they will only come off in the morning!"

I replied "but surely you have got to put the seals on, that's the law isn't it?"

She again shouted at me angrily "no it's not the law"

I stood between the door and the trolley determined that it would not leave until the seals were put on. I now had 5 officials standing in front of me looking at me as though I had just killed someone. It was very intimidating.

The head of the electoral office left the room and a few minutes later returned with the head of democratic services who informed me that the seals will indeed be put on. The seals were literally snatched out of my hands and put on the boxes.  It took 10 minutes at most.  Now remember that these ballot boxes would have remained opened in the council offices for a week.

On polling day I received a phone call from our organiser who informed me that one of the polling  officials was saying that we would not be allowed to put a seal on his ballot boxes when the count closed.  On arriving at the polling station our organiser informed me that the official in charge of this polling station was one of the biggest anti-BNP campaigners in Epping Forest.  This man was in charge of the polling station, can you believe that?

You can draw your own conclusions from the above, why all the antagonism towards me for wanting to put seals on the ballot boxes which only took ten minutes to do?

How can it be that an anti-BNP campaigner was allowed to be in charge of a polling station, which in fact was the  most out of the way polling station that night.  Draw your own conclusions, but the counting of the postal ballots must be attended and you must be prepared to watch them like hawks.
Voter fraud?(BALLOT): An article from: National Voter