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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Global Elections Civil War Afghans to vote in our Elections

Global Elections Civil War

Perhaps someone can tell me if I am actually living in my own nightmare, when I learn that 'our' government is allowing foreigners in Afghanistan to vote in our elections to appoint a government which will rule our country?
Perhaps someone can look into the legality of this?
Perhaps someone can tell me I AM really living in a nightmare, but that I will wake up, and I won't have to dream that I have a foreign government running my country.
Surely, there is a person out there who is able to answer the question as to what the effin hell are the political parties doing in this and others countries, when our own troops have had their votes removed.
Globally the nutcases who support these clowns have only one aim in life and you'd best wake up to it.
It is to KILL BRITAIN, and the British people's ability to regain control of their country by any means other than armed uprising.