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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Liberal Democrats panic as canvassing show massive support for the British National Party.

The Liberal Democrats are in a panic as their canvassing returns have shown massive support for the British National Party. Our sources inform us they have resorted to distributing hate material in wards where British People, abandoned by Labour, have been turning to the British National Party.
It appears that the Lib Dem candidates Damon Hooton and Jane Lock have joined forces with the extreme-left thugs of the Socialist Workers Party. The “Hope Not Hate” leaflets (now in our possession), emblazoned with swastikas, are clearly designed to incite violence and hatred against British National Party members and their families and as such a complaint has been made to the police.
If you have received the leaflets then here, just for you, is a small sample of what will happen if you vote the liberal fascists into power.
The Liberal Democrat’s policy of an amnesty for illegal immigrants and leaving open the floodgates will further increase, not decrease, racial tensions in this country. The recent attack on a reporter from The Independent newspaper is just one example of the tensions caused by importing third-world cultures into our country. Labour’s open door immigration policies were designed from the start to bring in millions of extra Labour voters and the Lib Dems will continue the policy of replacing the indigenous population in order to gain power.
Increased immigration means more competition for jobs. Swindon needs decent local jobs for local people. Instead of investing in British Industry and job creation, Lib Dem policies will simply increase this competition further, pushing more families into poverty and increase reliance on state benefits. If you think things were bad under Labour, you ain’t see nothing yet.
Trying to get on the Property Ladder? How would you feel about having to pay 5-7% VAT on top of the asking price  .... that’s Liberal Democrat policy. How would you feel about increased competition for social housing ....that the result of Liberal Democrat policy.
Follow the link for a large sample of Liars, Buggers and Thieves that are the Liberal Democrats.
Vote Lib Dim, get fraudsters, paedophiles, thugs and liars. Vote BNP ....get the truth.
.... was about to post before being handed another anti-BNP leaflet, this time from Unite Against Fascism (Labour/Conservative) and the National Union of Teachers (Labour/Liberal Democrat). One of our activists was just handed this by children on his way home from work. A swift read shows more incredible lies and hate.  Nowadays teachers are being employed not to educate, but to re-educate and brainwash our kids ....
.... but it certainly shows how desperate these parties are.
Scum, the lot of them
The Liberal Conspiracy
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