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Saturday, 8 May 2010

British Prostitute Justice as BNP Candidate Racially Abused by Labour Activist

 Britain's Prostitute Justice

I have a report that the British National Party Candidate for Tonge with the Haulgh , Dorothee Sayers was racially abused at the  by a Drunken Member of the Labour Party at the Local Election Count. Mrs Sayers is of German parentage. 

And when the police were informed the matter was swept to one side with just an justifiably angry  Mr Sayers put it

"As most of you know, my wife is German, she stood for the BNP in the local election. This morning some labour GIT started saying racist remarks to her, and he was pissed up, the police took him to one side, slapped his hand and sent him back. They don't give a shit, wonder what it would be like if it had been the other way round."
Exactly why did the Police not arrest this drunken bum and do not forget he was drunk before lunch time to. And imagine if a British National Party or any non Labour Activist had abused any of the Horde of Islamics attending the Bolton Local Election Count, I am certain that a arrest would have taken place and the media would have Made a circus of it.

This incident taken place with the recent spate of Racist attacks on the indigenous British population by packs of Asians in Bolton, and the lack lustre follow up investigations by the authorities as well as the Police, can lead to the conclusion that we the British People are now in situation worse than the Native Africans suffered under apartheid, and without recourse to any justice.  In effect the entire justice system is now prostituting itself to a political correct Marxist sense of morality!