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Saturday, 8 May 2010

UAF Danger To Us All

Ignored by the controlled media, across the country the violent thugs of the fascist UAF are attempting to smash democracy by attacking election meetings attended by BNP members, already hustings have been threatened or invaded in Essex and in Blackpool and now we hear of further meeting in Harborough has been cancelled following threats of violence.

The media must appreciate that these are the tactics of a totalitarian state. The UAF, who call themselves "Unite against Fascism" in rather the same manner in which a group of rabbits might say  "Bunnies against cottontails" are supported by the three main political parties, which effectively makes this state sponsored political violence. Yet they remain silent and refuse to report what is going one.

Is there no journalist left in this country with a remaining iota of honour and decency to truthfully report the news, if only in memory of a democracy which millions of our grandfathers' generation died for?