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Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Figures Which Expose the Immigration Cap Reality

The Figures Which Expose the Immigration Cap Lie

In excess of 400,000 foreigners enter Britain legally each year through various channels, making a mockery of the ConDem regime’s claim that its new “immigration cap” will cut immigration from “49,700 to 21,700.”
According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics in August this year, 437,000 foreign citizens entered Britain last year, “not statistically significantly different” from the figure the preceding year.
The new “immigration cap” announced by Tory Home Secretary Theresa May has largely ignored this number, and has instead concentrated on the 49,700 who entered Britain last year under the “points based system” introduced by the previous Labour regime and endorsed by the Conservatives.
In real terms, the immigration cap introduced by Ms May will have the following impact:
Tier 1 (General): Last year, 14,000 people entered Britain using this route. This has now been capped at 1,000 under the new rules.
Tier 2 (General): Last year, some 8,500 people legally entered Britain using this route. The new rules have put an upper limit on the numbers who can use this route from now on at 20,700.
Work Permits: Some 5,200 people entered Britain using this route last year. Ms May’s new rule will bring this down to nil.
Intra-Company Transfers: Last year some 22,000 people entered Britain using this route. The new rule has set no upper limit at all, with the only proviso that such people earn a minimum salary of £40,000 p.a.
In total, this “brings down” the 2009 figure of 49,700 to a new theoretical limit of 21,700, according to Ms May and the controlled media which has parroted her claims.
However, as the overall immigration figures show, this is less than 15 percent of the actual number of people who are entering Britain each year.
To make matters worse, Britain will receive an additional 40,000 Indian IT workers each year in terms of the new EU/India free trade deal.
This figure alone will effectively wipe out any claimed “reduction” in immigration.
Even the £40,000 salary limit on “unlimited” intra-company transfers has been criticised by Ann Swain, Chief Executive at the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (ASPCo).
“Whether the £40,000 minimum salary will reduce the number of intra-company transfers in the IT sector is debatable,” Ms Swain said in her official reaction.
“The average UK wage for IT professionals is close to £40,000, and it is questionable how many workers earn less than that once they arrive.
“About 80 percent of non-EU IT workers come to the UK on intra-company transfers. These changes won’t significantly reduce that influx,” she said.
“We need full transparency on the pay and terms of conditions of workers entering the UK via the intra-company transfer route. The current system is far too opaque and is open to abuse. These proposals don’t radically change that.”
Ms Swain pointed out that “worries over immigration centre on low skilled workers being undercut, so capping the flow of highly skilled workers seems a strange policy.”
Furthermore, Ms May can do nothing to stop the ongoing asylum swindle which sees thousands of utterly bogus claims being made in Britain each year.
Britain’s membership of the EU forces it to adhere to the Human Rights Act, which is used by “asylum seekers” to avoid deportation, even in the case of violent criminals and failed applicants.
When all the figures are added up, it is obvious to all but the willingly blind that the Tory “immigration cap” is just one more lie.
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