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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The BNP Vrs EHCR Court Case - Day Two Updates to People Of Horwich and Bolton

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Written by Green Arrow   
justicesmGood day patriots of the British National Party.  Welcome to Day Two of the persecution of the British People by The Establishment who seek to silence the Voice of Freedom that is represented by The British National Party.

This article will be used to bring you news from inside and outside the Royal Courts of Justice as soon as we receive it.


Outside, Mr Mark Walker is rallying our troops and making sure that the passing British Public are aware of just what is happening in Our Country today.
11:52 BNP barrister is tearing the opposition case to shreds point by point and going for a "No case to answer".  Judge has raised possibility of further hearing.
12:10 Nick Griffin MEP Pack of press hyenas looking glum. Bnp beating the bullies. Not the story they wanted.
13:30--The proceedings have concluded in the Equalities and Human Rights Commission court case against the British National Party. Judgement has been reserved and will be issued next week.
13:46 Simon Darby - Out of court now judgement will be announced in a week or so. Feeling very confident, our legal team were superb today.