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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Asian Mafia Gangs in Bolton Hire Hitman to Commit Murder Against Rivals Trial

By Horwich Nationalists,

In the lastest Crimes involving Asian Mafia style Gangs in the Bolton area, a hitman was hired to commit murder in a Mafia style Hit against a Alledged rival the full story can be read in the Bolton Evening News it
That now make the streets of Bolton more like the Chicago of the 1920's and 30's.
Away from the above incident the question needs to be asked what is behind these Asian gang wars, could it be that the vast majority of the herion trade is brought into the UK and controlled by Asian gangs. most likely and our cowardly PC riddled politicians and Police are to afraid to takle the problem, by the fear of some haddled marxist screaming wacist at them. 
Also it must be added that these gangs as a sideline to their drugs business are targeting you white British Girls for prostitution, a fact that Nick Griffin MEP was taken to court for raisng the issue by the Liberal Marxist political elites, only to be aquitted by a jury of his peers as the evidence was overwhelming evidence that he brought to the case, and has again come to light by the Conviction of Derby Based Gang  that even the state controlled BBC has to now report to a limited extent.
So the facts appear to be that due to the Multi cultural society our streets are now being terroised not only on a cultural level through Jihadism, but also by Drug wars of these foriegners in our midst and their insastable sexual desire for our daughters. 
 Do not be mistaken, the Liberal elite that now pervades our political hierachy will do nothing through their fear of political correctness or hair brained do gooder shouting Waacissttt at them. The only solution to the present state of our society is that when or if you are still allowed to selct a political party that offers a real solution to this PC mess, it must be for the British national Party, the only party that is swirn to protect our people and especialy our women folk from all of the above.