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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Failed Iraqi Asylum Seekers Get Right to Stay — The Legacy of the Illegal Iraq War

Failed Iraqi Asylum Seekers Get Right to Stay — The Legacy of the Illegal Invasion of Iraq

Britain has been forbidden from deporting failed “asylum seekers” from Iraq back to their homeland by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) — because the invasion of that country by the British and American governments has caused that nation to become “unsafe.”
The new ECHR ruling, which has effectively halted the UK Border Agency’s attempts to send back the increasing flood of Iraqis pouring into Britain, said that “forcible returns” to Baghdad must be immediately suspended because of a new upsurge in bombings, violence and attacks on the Christian minority in Iraq.
The coverage given to the ECHR ruling by the controlled media has ignored completely the reason why Iraq is now become “unstable” and why it was not so “violent” before the 2001 invasion by the Blair and Bush regimes.
The ECHR overrules all EU member states’ national laws, and its latest decision has already led to Holland halting all repatriation flights to Iraq, a move which is also now imminent in the UK.
Furthermore, deportation flights of failed Kurdish asylum seekers back to the Kurdish-controlled northern region of Iraq were halted in September this year because that regional government simply refused to allow any planes with forcibly deported Kurds on board to land.
The court ruling comes simultaneously with a call by a senior Iraqi Christian on all of that religion’s adherents to leave that country and seek asylum in Britain.
Archbishop Athanasios Dawood made this announcement at a service at the Syrian Orthodox Church in London after Muslims attacked the Catholic Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad in a suicide mission which left 46 people dead.
Christians were protected under Saddam Hussein’s regime, but since he was displaced from power by the 2001 invasion, they have “become isolated and the Baghdad government has proved unwilling or unable to protect them,” a BBC report said.
The evidence from all quarters is very clear: the invasion of Iraq in 2001 has sparked off a humanitarian crisis which has not only destabilised Iraq, but caused thousands of its citizens to flee to Europe and the UK.
Furthermore, the expulsion of the Hussein regime, as undemocratic as it was, has led to an upsurge in al-Qaeda activity (an organisation which Hussein opposed and suppressed), a rise in militant Kurdish nationalism (which has terrorist tentacles all over Europe), and violent attacks on Christian Iraqis.
All of this has provided the perfect excuse for a tidal wave of Iraqis to claim “asylum” in Europe and the UK, using the chaos created by the Bush and Blair invasion to justify their “refugee” status.
This then, is the other hidden legacy of the illegal invasion of Iraq: the flooding of Europe with untold thousands of Iraqi refugees.
It is yet another charge which needs to be added to the indictment against Tony Blair, the Labour Party and the Conservative Party leadership who supported and encouraged that invasion.