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Friday, 19 November 2010

Equalities Commission vS bnp Court Case Update

Equalities Commission Court Case Update

The British National Party’s legal team has advised the party leadership that there will still be another two day’s legal arguments early in December before the case brought by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission comes to an end.
“The news means that judgement in the case will not be given within the next week or two, as was previously thought,” Nick Griffin MEP said.
“Because Equalities Commission was forced to admit in court that their original order was unclear and ambiguous, the consensus of legal opinion is that there is no prospect of their contempt action succeeding,” Mr Griffin continued.
“During the upcoming two days, our excellent legal team will be arguing strongly that that the entire ECHR case was flawed from the very beginning, and that in addition to it being totally struck off, the Equalities Commission should bear all the costs,” he said.
“The ultimate decision, of course, lies with the court. However, the bottom line is that party supporters can only expect a decision in the case in December.
“Once we have an exact date, we will advertise that widely so that people can once again show their support at the Royal Court of Justice, and, hopefully, at the end of it, celebrate a famous victory,” Mr Griffin said.
“But no matter what the outcome, we need to show these fascist terrorists that the British people are not going to bow to their blackmail, and will carry on the fight to save our great nation no matter what.”