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Saturday, 27 November 2010

British National Party Councillor in Stoke-on-Trent Moves to Get Halal Meat Banned in Local Schools

BNP Councillor in Stoke-on-Trent Moves to Get Halal Meat Banned in Local Schools

British National Party Stoke-on-Trent councillor Michael Coleman has fired the opening round in the war against halal ritual slaughter in Britain with a motion due before his council on 9 December which, if passed, will ban that meat from being served in schools in the town.
“I have had numerous complaints from parents whose children are being fed this unfit meat and who are not being informed of how this meat is acquired,” Cllr Coleman told BNP News.
“Many of the schools which receive the meat are predominantly populated by British children, and so any claim that the authority is simply providing food for Muslim pupils is false.
“Anyway, it’s against the law to procure meat in this way and then sell on to non-Muslims, a point I will be making on the 9th December,” Cllr Coleman continued.
“I find it disgraceful that we have a law here that makes it a crime for you or I to slaughter an animal in this way but enables Muslims to kill in this inhumane way and it is legal.
“It is such legal paradox and duality that will ultimately expose this traitor regime - and will lead to the political awakening and uprising of the British people,” he said.
The exact wording of the motion due before the council is as follows:
“Notice of Motion – City Council 9th December 2010
Moved by Councillor M Coleman
Seconded by Councillor J Burgess
Animal Cruelty
This City Council condemns the cruelty suffered by animals slaughtered to provide halal meat products. Animal welfare organisations such as the Farm Animal Welfare Council, which is the independent advisory body to the government, have called for a ban on halal meat in Britain.  Animals that are not stunned before slaughter suffer incredible pain before death and the current law that permits this barbaric method of slaughter should be changed.
The City Council is asked to note that halal meat products are served in 17 city schools to unsuspecting children and parents. Halal meat products are not labelled and children (or their parents) have no idea what they are eating or provided with an alternative. This is a disgraceful practice and children and their parents should be given information and choice about the products their children are served. 
The City Council is asked to:
1. Write to the Secretary State for seeking a change in the law to minimise or prevent any further animal cruelty as a result of this barbaric method of slaughter.
2. Place an immediate ban on the use of all halal meat products in our schools, City Of Stoke-on-Trent Authority.”
According to information obtained by Cllr Coleman, the schools under the Stoke-on-Trent authority which provide halal meat to their pupils are as follows: Alexandra Junior School; Alexandra Infant School; Belgrave Primary School; Etruscan Primary School; Forest Park Primary School; John Baskeyfield Primary School; Mill Hill Primary School; St Marks Primary School; St Peters RC Primary School; Summerbank Primary School; Thomas Boughey Centre; Waterside Primary School; St Mary’s Tunstall; Birches Head High School; Brownhills High School; Haywood High School; and St Peters High School.
* Meanwhile, North West Tory Muslim MEP Sajjad Karim has run to the local media claiming that people are threatening him after he published an article on his website supporting halal slaughter and expressing his opposition to a proposed EU regulation which would force halal meat to be labelled as such.
Mr Karim, who has of course blamed the BNP for his latest woes, was quoted in the Jewish Chronicle earlier this month as saying he was ‘watching’ the BNP in Europe.
Approached by the media for comment over his latest allegations, BNP spokesman John Walker said that the “British National Party will continue to oppose halal slaughter and support the labelling of halal meat despite a hate campaign against the party launched by Mr Karim.
“Mr Karim, who put up a story on his own website outlining his support for Halal slaughter and his opposition to a new EU regulation which would force all food suppliers to label which meat had been ritually slaughtered,” said Mr Walker.
“On the basis of Mr Karim’s own website, the BNP carried a story pointing out his support for Halal slaughter. If Mr Karrim has angered animal lovers with his support for halal barbarism, it is on the basis of a story which he started on his own website and nowhere else.
“The BNP rejects with contempt all attempts by Mr Karrim to stir up trouble and slur our party,” Mr Walker said.
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