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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Nick Griffin in the Houses of Parliament Climate Change Group Meeting

Nick Griffin in the Houses of Parliament

NOVEMBER 2010: NICK Griffin MEP attended an All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group meeting in a Committee Room of the Houses of Parliament yesterday evening to discuss a new approach to Climate Change & Resource Depletion.

 On the agenda was the cyclic conversion of carbon emissions into threatened carbon-based resources in order to ensure our food, water and energy security. Proponents hope this could be the basis of a new global industry which restores, rather than depletes or pollutes, our environment and resource base.
Amongst the speakers at the meeting were John Harmer, the Met Office's Chief Adviser to the Government and Dr David Bellamy OBE.
The invitation to MEP said that its was an opportunity to meet and network with a diverse group of politicians, academics, industry leaders, oil companies, foreign agencies, environmental groups, grant-making trusts, charities, youth representatives, general public and the media.
Nick said that the proposals were interesting - and heartening. The told the organisers of the meeting:
"So far I've spent a year on the European Parliament's Environmental Committee, listening in near despair as people have waffled on with unscientfiic hysteria about how the world's greatest fertiliser, carbon dioxide, is drowning polar bears and killing forests, and how the problem will be cured by high-tech industrial fixes such as electric cars, wind farms and solar power generation systems which are all dependent on Rare Earth Minerals that are already running out.
"It's a breath of fresh air to read of solutions that involve resources that actually exist, being used in a sustainable way that would benefit local communities instead of multi-national corporations. Most of all, while carbon cycling would help with AGW (if it exists) the proposals would also help address other absolutely real problems, particularly desertification, hunger-driven migration and Peak Oil (an issue which my party and I have championed for some eight years now).
"So congratulations, and I look forward to learning more, and perhaps trying to get your ideas pushed in the European Parliament."