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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Kai Murros "pan-European nationalist" Bio

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Written by Finlandia    At the VBR Patriotic Site

kai_120_x_120Unlike most famous Finns, the philosopher and writer Kai Murros is better known abroad than he is in Finland – which probably explains why I discovered him only after returning to Britain from a five-year stay in that country.
Murros is a self-proclaimed "pan-European nationalist" whose writings burn in passionate defence of the rights and destiny of native Europeans. He is in equal measure inspiring, infuriating, exhilarating and alarming – but never dull.
Surprisingly, considering that he is still young, Murros lives a rather quiet life in the suburbs of Helsinki, preferring reading and gardening to direct political action (although he has travelled extensively in Europe to speak at nationalist gatherings). Therefore, instead of writing a potted biography, which had been my original intention, I have selected some of his best quotations, and provided weblinks for those wanting more.
Kai Murros is an odd mixture – but he is a true original, as you will see.

Murros on liberals:
"As long as the liberal elite is running the show things will only go from bad to worse. The liberals are totally unable to change their basic paradigm and therefore they will keep wrecking our civilization and coincidentally also undermining their own position. Year after year there will be more and more desperate, poor masses trying to get into Europe to get their share of the pie and liberals will still be dreaming that integration is possible if only we are willing to be submissive and apologetic – if only we are willing to die out".
 "Curiously enough both the liberals and the ultra radical left deviation of the socialist movement are actually very similar. Both want to suppress the traditional, ethnic identity of the people. The liberals want to turn people into mechanical machines of consumption. Products must be sold across the planet at a maximum speed and efficiency. This requires that people will be alike, planet wide. McDonalds people will share the same McDonalds culture and whether they be Eskimos or aborigines they will buy McDonalds products...".
"When the sun is shining and everything is nice and dandy the liberals are strong, but when the struggle begins over the basic necessities of life the liberals shrink. When everything collapses – as it is going to happen very soon – it becomes so painfully clear what a daydream liberalism really is…".
On immigration:
"A wreckage of humanity set adrift by the tidal waves of international capitalism has washed up on our shores… the new Europeans? And we are supposed to die out to make room for these… new Europeans…".
"The audacity... they openly declare that they want to bring over a hundred million immigrants to Europe in one generation... to change the whole population of Europe... in one generation... and they think they can get away with it too... what madness".
"The greatest propaganda work for us is done by the youth gangs from the third world running amock in our streets. They will drive people to us and all we have to do is to open our arms... I almost hope there were more of them".

"...The elite has openly declared death sentence to the European Nation and it also has sworn to completely and irreversibly change the make up of the population in Europe. We will in return declare death sentence to the elite and its lackeys".

"Gangs of uprooted criminals invading our streets, looting our stores, robbing our people abusing our welfare system and liberals wailing and blaming racism for everything – things just couldn't be better".

"We are the children of the Great Northern Light, a race that has existed for over 40,000 years. How can anyone think that we would vanish from the face of the earth overnight? How dare anyone ask us to relinquish this sacred soil to strangers and accept being cast into oblivion ? How dare anyone expect us to embrace our own downfall so that our achievements and those of our forefathers would be spoils of war for usurpers and thieves".

On globalisation:

"Much of the current industrial activity in the developing economies is largely the result of outsourcing of western industrial base to countries with substandard wages and working conditions and no environmental laws. For decades the economists have been explaining to us that this erosion of Europe's industrial base only benefits us and the entire world in the long run – by now it should be clear to everybody that this is not the case.

"The outsourcing of Europe's industrial base brings us two serious problems:
1. Mass unemployment in Europe
2. Loss of tax revenues.

"The massive loss of industrial jobs during the last few decades hasn't been balanced by an equal number of reasonably paid service jobs – as was the original liberal economic theory. The opposite has happened instead – the ample supply of new low-skilled workers from the Third World has often reduced service jobs to modern slavery with less than minimum wages and substandard working conditions. As a result large numbers of Europeans suffer now from perpetual poverty.

"Outsourcing of industry has turned large sections of Europe into a decaying wasteland and people living there into a rotting underclass predetermined to a life of poverty and misery. This plague of post-industrialism is only spreading as the global liberal economy deems most ethnic Europeans redundant and useless".

On big corporations:

"We have allowed transnational corporations to grow more powerful than nation states, we have allowed them to extort us, to bleed us and to abuse us. We have allowed the transnational conglomerate complex to become more powerful than European civilization itself. We have been led to believe that the prosperity of transnational corporations is our prosperity as well – once we realize that this is not the case, we will deem transnational corporations redundant".

On myths:

"Our task is to turn myths into concrete reality. Myths will guide us, myths are the very stuff the national philosophy is made of. We need a myth, a powerful story, the greatest story ever told through which we will shape the mind of the masses.

"The people have an intuitive understanding for the importance of myths. The people sense their powerful immaterial forces and how they bind individuals together as a nation. No wonder intellectuals who despise the people also look down upon myths.

"The ordinary man of the street is guided through his life above all else by the myths embedded in the collective consciousness. Take away the myths and he has nothing, he is lost without a direction. A sterile, theoretical and speculative philosophy cooked up by shady intellectuals has nothing to offer to the people".

On European survival:

"The ultra radical left deviationists have openly declared that they will always and unconditionally take side with foreign hordes that are spreading into our streets and towns. This means that the ultra radical left deviation has in effect declared war on the European Nation and aims at hurting our people whenever it is possible."

"This war will be the decisive push of the Europeans to reclaim their place in the world. We are fed up with being the scapegoats of the world, we are tired of being blamed for our achievements and we are sick and tired of yielding to every possible demand by non-Europeans simply because we are supposed to carry the collective white man's guilt AD INFINITUM.

"For over a thousand generations our people have lived of this land, over a thousand generations of people have grown out of this land, physically come into being by the riches of this hallowed ground. For over a thousand generations this sacred soil has nurtured and provided our people. We are one with this soil, for every ounce of our flesh and blood comes from this soil, there is nothing in us that is alien or hostile to it…

"Our enemies do not know what kind of powers they are dealing with and that is why they are about to unleash beasts whose existence the world so dearly would like to forget.

"You have to see our revolution in a biological context. We are basically a pack of wolves defending its territory and cubs… a pack of wolves fighting for its survival, defending its right to exist".

"Young men, defenders of the race! When the darkness sets in, run into the forests, run with the wolves, learn to know that same beast in you, let it break free, cut all ties, forsake civilization, be free in order to rule… Denounce the false conventions that have castrated your spirit…".

On hate:

"Accept the fury, let the hatred guide you, find the beast in you. Break your shackles and burn the bridges behind you. Nothing good will ever come out of you before you know who you truly are".

On art:

"Art is the stuff the future is made of, art moves people in mysterious ways, art is the soul of our race. Art gives the first wakeup call that things are about to change. This is why if we wish to seize the future we must seize art and the aesthetics. More than anything else I would like to be involved in making political art/propaganda. Just like the masses respond to visions rather than to theories".

On selling nationalism to "the masses":

"Our cause is noble but our means must be practical and effective. We have to transform progressive pan-European nationalism into a brand and sell it to the masses, we must customize it to suit the needs of different segments of potential supporters. Propagating nationalism is basically no different than selling Coca Cola – propaganda is about selling ideas. When good marketing and the needs of the masses coincide, the result may well be a massive breakthrough.

"The New European Nationalism will be sexy, sassy, outrageous and glamorous. It will be the most alluring form of rebellion and our young people will love it. The New European Nationalism will be violent, brutal, fanatic and macabre and our young people will love it even more! When fat, impotent liberalism has reached its final stage of paralysis and soiled its own bed the only way to challenge this moral corruption is through discipline and organization. In this world of filth it will be an intoxicating power trip for young people to experience the Esprit de Corps of the nationalist storm troops.

"The worst mistake we could make is to endlessly re-live the past, use outdated aesthetics and images and try to revive nostalgia as an answer to modern problems. The European civilization and the entire planet is about to face unprecedented challenges and dangers in the coming decades and if the nationalist movement in this situation gives the impression of being an anachronism we will lose all our chances for success".

On Europeans and the environment:

"The European race, which by its nature is a Faustian race, is the prodigal son of Gaia – and now it is time for the prodigal son to return home. The European race will become the guardian race of Mother Earth. Our supremacy over other civilizations will be based on this manifest destiny. European civilization which is the most advanced civilization on earth will also spearhead the ecological revolution just as it initiated both the scientific and industrial revolution".

On 1960s leftism:

"Philosophically the left states that man is simply a product of the society and therefore we should always blame the society for everything and not to expect the individual to control his behaviour in any way. – In the eyes of the modern left self-discipline equals fascism.

"This attitude makes sense when we remember that already the 'heroic' revolutionary struggle of the young radical leftists in the 60's was only a childish tantrum of the most pampered and spoiled generation this planet had so far seen. "It was easy to play revolution here in the affluent west, to challenge and defy the 'system' which was a democratic, well meaning, welfare society, to demand freedom when you already were free. – And still for decades we have been forced to listen to the self-praise of the 1968 generation for their heroic achievements – especially how they liberated us from the stuffy reactionary values of the past.
"The message of the infantile revolution of the 60's nevertheless is that bad behaviour is revolutionary activism. It has become painfully obvious that modern leftism is simply a form of regression to a childlike state of irresponsibility and low impulse control.

"Since we live in societies where leftist values are predominant the ultimate form of rebellion is SELF DISCIPLINE".

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