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Saturday, 13 November 2010

I Remember The Sacrifice This Sunday

By Horwich Nationalists

Tomorrow, as on Thursday I remember the sacrifice my Great
Grandfather made at Ypres in 1917, My Grandmother told me that on his last
leave all he would say was " I don't want to go back to kill some mothers
son" as I feel he had done, but he returned to do his duty for his Nation
and paid the sacrifice. A sacrifice that t...he Political Liberal elite has
betrayed , as shown by the Poppy burners on thurs,
But I swear grandfather that I will not forget and will not betray your
sacrifices by continuing to campaign for the British National Party, as a
candidate as a leafleter or in any other way. In remembrance of Pte
Thomas Yates 291494, 2nd/7th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers who died on 06 April 1917.                                         

                                Remembered with honour
                           BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY