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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Salford Manchester Labour Apparatchiks Deny Residents Access to BNP Help

Salford Labour Apparatchiks Deny Residents Access to BNP Help

Salford Labour apparatchiks moved in late last night to deny victims of the gas blast disaster any help provided by Nick Griffin MEP and the local British National Party organisation shortly after a hurried visit to the scene by Labour MP Hazel Blears, reports Radio Red, White and Blue.
Speaking on a breaking news report on the online radio station, Mr Griffin revealed how the ordinary staff and volunteers were ecstatic to receive all offers of help, and specifically asked for certain items.
By then it had become apparent that Ms Blears was nowhere to be seen, and after hurried Labour Party phone calls she finally arrived on the scene many hours after Mr Griffin got there.
Within half and hour of that, the staff and volunteers had been replaced by politically “reliable” Labour council staff, and suddenly the message was sent that no help at all was needed.
The victims of the gas blast, many still wearing slippers and nightgowns, were then suddenly transported away to a hotel for an overnight stay, far away from the help offered by the “evil” BNP.
Mr Griffin said on the Radio RWB interview that this was not such a bad thing as the move to a hotel would probably not have happened had the BNP not offered help in the first place.
Radio RWB coordinator John Walker, who conducted the interview, then remarked that it was sad that even at a time of such great misery, the Labour Party could not leave politics out of the situation.
Listen to the full Radio RWB interview here, and remember you can follow Radio RWB on Twitter by clicking here.
A video by Manchester BNPtv made on the scene can be viewed below.